Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 11th February 2018

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Open Eights (Band 1)

(7 Entries)

105:51100BDSBedford School (1st VIII) 
305:57 (+00:06)302BDSBedford School (1st VIII) 
306:10 (+00:19)300BMSBedford Modern School (Biggsy) 
106:13 (+00:22)101BDSBedford School (2nd VIII) 
306:14 (+00:23)301BEDBedford Rowing Club (Todd) 
606:18 (+00:27)600CAMCity of Cambridge (Ladd) 
506:22 (+00:31)500BMSBedford Modern School (Herbert) 

Open Eights (Band 2)

(7 Entries)

606:02602DOWDowning College BC (M1) 
606:06 (+00:04)601MGDMagdalene College (M1) 
506:22 (+00:20)503FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (M1) 
506:23 (+00:21)502LEALea Rowing Club (Broad) 
306:41 (+00:39)304BMSBedford Modern School (Fox) 
406:41 (+00:39)401QCOThe Queen`s College (M1 A) 
306:46 (+00:44)303BDSBedford School (3rd VIII) 

Open Eights (Band 3)

(7 Entries)

206:19201JECJesus College (M2) 
306:27 (+00:08)305FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (M1) 
606:29 (+00:10)604QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC (M1) 
406:38 (+00:19)403FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (M2) 
606:44 (+00:25)603QCOThe Queen`s College (M1 B) 
107:01 (+00:42)102BEDBedford Rowing Club (Walsh) 
407:08 (+00:49)402COXCity of Oxford RC (Clifford) 

Open Eights (Band 4)

(9 Entries)

406:35404JECJesus College (M3) 
506:40 (+00:05)504FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (M2) 
706:48 (+00:13)701UWKWarwick University (Bolnykh) 
606:48 (+00:13)607UWKWarwick University (Thomas) 
606:54 (+00:19)605FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (M3) 
606:59 (+00:24)606LEALea Rowing Club (Clark) 
607:01 (+00:26)608RPCRegents Park College BC (Cheli) 
307:32 (+00:57)313FALFalcon RC (Chandler) 
507:36 (+01:01)506QCOThe Queen`s College (M2) 

Masters D/E/F Eights

(3 Entries)

106:43107OUTOundle Town RC (Milborne =F)Actual Time: 07:08
707:13 (+00:30)705BRXBroxbourne RC (Pollock =E)Actual Time: 07:24
107:23 (+00:40)105BEDBedford Rowing Club (Chillingsworth =D) 

Masters D/E Eights

(5 Entries)

306:23210ABNAbingdon RC (Troup =E)Actual Time: 06:34
206:24 (+00:01)202STA/BEDStar/Bedford (Sogan =D) 
506:29 (+00:06)507STAStar Club (Hunt =E)Actual Time: 06:40
206:37 (+00:14)203SRCSudbury RC (Adams =D) 
606:55 (+00:32)609SRCSudbury RC (Adams =D) 

Junior 16 Eights

(4 Entries)

206:33204BDSBedford School (Colts A) 
206:38 (+00:05)205MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Knight) 
606:39 (+00:06)610WBSWindsor Boys School (Taylor) 
307:07 (+00:34)306BDSBedford School (Colts B) 

Junior 15 Eights

(7 Entries)

306:41312NSCNorwich School (Gray) 
206:46 (+00:05)211BDSBedford School (Toms) 
207:08 (+00:27)212BDSBedford School (Warren) 
407:09 (+00:28)409NSCNorwich School (Creasy) 
307:17 (+00:36)311BMSBedford Modern School (A) 
207:21 (+00:40)213BDSBedford School (Knights) 
507:33 (+00:52)512BMSBedford Modern School (B) 

Womens Eights (Band 1)

(10 Entries)

406:55405JECJesus College (W1) 
206:56 (+00:01)206JECJesus College (W1) 
607:09 (+00:14)611DOWDowning College BC (W1) 
707:09 (+00:14)702DOWDowning College BC (W1) 
507:10 (+00:15)508QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC (Meadowcroft) 
107:16 (+00:21)106BGSBedford Girls School (Garrigue) 
207:23 (+00:28)207BGSBedford Girls School (McDonagh) 
307:26 (+00:31)307FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (W1) 
707:38 (+00:43)703LCCLucy Cavendish College (W1) 
307:40 (+00:45)308JECJesus College (W2) 

Womens Eights (Band 2)

(11 Entries)

707:23704COXCity of Oxford RC (Coleman) 
507:29 (+00:06)509FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (W1) 
407:30 (+00:07)407HUHHughes Hall (Neumann) 
407:36 (+00:13)406NSCNorwich School (Shaw) 
307:36 (+00:13)309FALFalcon RC (Crossley) 
207:39 (+00:16)208JECJesus College (W2) 
507:49 (+00:26)510CAMCity of Cambridge (Buttery) 
307:50 (+00:27)310FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC (W2) 
207:53 (+00:30)215BGSBedford Girls School (Orman-Wheeler) 
607:57 (+00:34)612MGDMagdalene College (W1) 
508:15 (+00:52)511LCCLucy Cavendish College (W2) 

Womens Masters C/D/E Eights

(5 Entries)

707:19706ABN/FALAbingdon/Falcon (Webber =D)Actual Time: 07:33
407:19408BRXBroxbourne RC (Dodsworth =C) 
507:32 (+00:13)513STAStar Club (Russell =E)Actual Time: 07:58
107:32 (+00:13)110STAStar Club (Clarke =E)Actual Time: 07:58
307:47 (+00:28)314STAStar Club (Edgeley =D)Actual Time: 08:01

Womens Junior 15 Eights

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

607:35613COX/ABNCity of Oxford/Abingdon (Stasinaki) 
107:49 (+00:14)109BGSBedford Girls School (Orman-Wheeler) 

Junior 14 Octuples

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

607:25630NSCNorwich School (Robbins) 
207:46 (+00:21)236BDSBedford School (Citriniti) 
407:50 (+00:25)410SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Kaushal) 
108:02 (+00:37)112SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Iron) 
208:23 (+00:58)235BDSBedford School (Sukys) 
408:29 (+01:04)437BDSBedford School (Ward) 
708:48 (+01:23)718NSCNorwich School (Light) 
409:05 (+01:40)438BDSBedford School (Goodman) 

Women's Junior 14 Octuples

(6 Entries)

108:03114COXCity of Oxford RC (Tinegate) 
108:21 (+00:18)115SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Jackson) 
108:30 (+00:27)113KSEKing's School Ely BC (Fowler) 
408:31 (+00:28)411SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Petersen) 
508:33 (+00:30)535BMSBedford Modern School (Brittain) 
311:15 (+03:12)332BGSBedford Girls School (Pinney) 

Open Coxed Fours (Thames)

(5 Entries)

506:49720BMSBedford Modern School (Mulkerrins) 
206:56 (+00:07)216BEDBedford Rowing Club (Pratt) 
106:59 (+00:10)117BEDBedford Rowing Club (Dingley) 
407:01 (+00:12)400JECJesus College (M1) 
207:10 (+00:21)200JECJesus College (M1) 

Open Coxed Fours (Wey)

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

706:48708DOWDowning College BC (M1) 
506:57 (+00:09)517JECJesus College (Harley) 
607:06 (+00:18)614UWKWarwick University (Taylor) 
607:13 (+00:25)616JECJesus College (Roach) 
207:14 (+00:26)412UESUniversity of Essex (Zulfikarpasic) 
707:19 (+00:31)615CABCantabrigian RC (Steyn) 
707:29 (+00:41)709QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC (M2) 
307:43 (+00:55)316OUTOundle Town RC (Leo) 

Masters C/D/E Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

606:56618STAStar Club (Crook =E)Actual Time: 07:22
507:02 (+00:06)520ABNAbingdon RC (Engelke =D)Actual Time: 07:16
407:14 (+00:18)413SRCSudbury RC (Adams =C) 
307:37 (+00:41)318BEDBedford Rowing Club (Fraser =C) 
307:39 (+00:43)319BEDBedford Rowing Club (Brown =D)Actual Time: 07:53
607:40 (+00:44)619BRXBroxbourne RC (Dennis =E)Actual Time: 08:06

Masters F/H Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

207:15224LEALea Rowing Club (Mackenzie =H)Actual Time: 07:48
407:21 (+00:06)420ABNAbingdon RC (Troup =F) 
607:24 (+00:09)620STAStar Club (Hunt =F) 
408:01 (+00:46)421LEALea Rowing Club (Robson =F) 

Junior 16 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

407:08419MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Bain) 
207:18 (+00:10)219WBSWindsor Boys School (Taylor) 
107:19 (+00:11)124BMSBedford Modern School (Fox) 

Junior 15 Coxed Fours

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

507:38522NSCNorwich School (Gray) 
607:40 (+00:02)622NSCNorwich School (Allen) 
608:26 (+00:48)621NSCNorwich School (Creasy) 
208:39 (+01:01)220MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Jones) 

Womens Coxed Fours

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

107:52131BMSBedford Modern School (Rowe) 
108:16 (+00:24)130BMSBedford Modern School (Burchell) 
508:42 (+00:50)525BGSBedford Girls School (Harris) 

Open Coxless Fours

(6 Entries, 3 Starters)

506:24501SNESt Neots RC (Chapman) 
106:48 (+00:24)116BEDBedford Rowing Club (Pratt) 
107:18 (+00:54)123BEDBedford Rowing Club (Sadler) 

Open Quads

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

406:38505STAStar Club (Sadd) 
506:50 (+00:12)516SRCSudbury RC (Bullen) 
706:59 (+00:21)707BEDBedford Rowing Club (Reed) 
307:11 (+00:33)315BEDBedford Rowing Club (Funk) 

Masters E/F Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

507:17519STAStar Club (Thomson =E) 
407:26 (+00:09)426SRCSudbury RC (Moriarty =F)Actual Time: 07:41

Junior 18 Quads

(4 Entries)

106:37104STAStar Club (Sadd) 
106:51 (+00:14)103SRCSudbury RC (Bullen) 
506:57 (+00:20)515STAStar Club (Gale) 
107:12 (+00:35)111OUTOundle Town RC (Leo) 

Junior 16 Quads

(6 Entries)

106:51122BDSBedford School (Byrne) 
707:06 (+00:15)710WBSWindsor Boys School (Walker) 
107:07 (+00:16)121BEDBedford Rowing Club (Reed) 
607:08 (+00:17)617STAStar Club (Gale) 
407:08 (+00:17)418WBSWindsor Boys School (Bodkin) 
407:13 (+00:22)417MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Knight) 

Womens Quads (Band 1)

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

107:09125SWBSir William Borlase's Grammar School (Reike) 
507:10 (+00:01)518STAStar Club (Upex) 
607:22 (+00:13)624MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Coode) 
407:22 (+00:13)423SRCSudbury RC (Bullen) 
207:27 (+00:18)221COXCity of Oxford RC (Cherry) 
707:57 (+00:48)623NSCNorwich School (Bartram) 

Womens Quads (Band 2)

(4 Entries)

507:56524STAStar Club (Keats) 
408:10 (+00:14)424ABNAbingdon RC (Walker) 
308:20 (+00:24)322SRCSudbury RC (Hogsbjerg) 
608:45 (+00:49)625BEDBedford Rowing Club (Ratcliffe) 

Womens Masters C Quads

(3 Entries)

707:34712BRXBroxbourne RC (Dodsworth) 
407:36 (+00:02)422FALFalcon RC (Smith) 
707:50 (+00:16)711FALFalcon RC (Crowther) 

Womens Masters D/E Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

307:36321FALFalcon RC (Smith =D) 
507:58 (+00:22)521FALFalcon RC (Crowther =D) 
108:03 (+00:27)126SRCSudbury RC (Hogsbjerg =E)Actual Time: 08:15
208:30 (+00:54)225OUTOundle Town RC (Hook =E)Actual Time: 08:42

Womens Junior 18 Quads

(7 Entries, 4 Starters)

107:16120STAStar Club (Wardley) 
307:20 (+00:04)317BMSBedford Modern School (Rowe) 
207:35 (+00:19)218SRCSudbury RC (Moule) 
407:37 (+00:21)415COXCity of Oxford RC (Cherry) 

Womens Junior 16 Quads

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

707:37715ABNAbingdon RC (Twinn) 
308:04 (+00:27)323BMSBedford Modern School (Heappey) 
408:20 (+00:43)428BEDBedford Rowing Club (Ratcliffe) 
108:27 (+00:50)128BEDBedford Rowing Club (Flemons) 

Womens Junior 15 Quads

(2 Entries)

407:34127ABNAbingdon RC (Whelan) 
207:42 (+00:08)226COXCity of Oxford RC (Ruiseal) 

Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

507:02526WBSWindsor Boys School (Pilbrow) 
607:17 (+00:15)629MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Jones) 
407:26 (+00:24)429KGSKingston Grammar School (Agbaba) 
507:27 (+00:25)528WBSWindsor Boys School (Finnis) 
507:29 (+00:27)529WBSWindsor Boys School (Walker) 
407:53 (+00:51)430BEDBedford Rowing Club (Loveday) 

Junior 14 Coxed Quads (Tier 1)

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

307:41326WBSWindsor Boys School (Warren) 
208:03 (+00:22)233KSEKing's School Ely BC (Keene) 
508:44 (+01:03)532NSCNorwich School (Bright) 
308:51 (+01:10)327WBSWindsor Boys School (Bagi) 
308:52 (+01:11)329WBSWindsor Boys School (Chandler) 
408:55 (+01:14)433KGSKingston Grammar School (Bradley) 
308:58 (+01:17)333WBSWindsor Boys School (Ellery K) 
309:40 (+01:59)330OUTOundle Town RC (Pratt) 

Junior 14 Coxed Quads (Tier 2)

(8 Entries)

207:34231COXCity of Oxford RC (Reynolds) 
307:39 (+00:05)331NSCNorwich School (Dark) 
408:08 (+00:34)432NSCNorwich School (Thornton) 
208:11 (+00:37)232WBSWindsor Boys School (Mumford) 
208:15 (+00:41)230WBSWindsor Boys School (Lewin) 
208:26 (+00:52)234WBSWindsor Boys School (Davies) 
508:38 (+01:04)533KGSKingston Grammar School (J14 Boys 2nd) 
408:43 (+01:09)132ABNAbingdon RC (Tucker) 

Womens Coxed Quads

(4 Entries)

708:11714MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Omoyeni) 
608:36 (+00:25)628FULFulham Reach RC (Catania) 
408:47 (+00:36)425COXCity of Oxford RC (Disser) 
409:09 (+00:58)227ABNAbingdon RC (Whelan) 

Womens Junior 15 Coxed Quads

(11 Entries, 10 Starters)

707:50713BEDBedford Rowing Club (Cooke) 
407:59 (+00:09)431KGSKingston Grammar School (Bergmann-Chornik) 
308:03 (+00:13)324BMSBedford Modern School (Fletcher) 
508:17 (+00:27)531KGSKingston Grammar School (Kolosova) 
708:20 (+00:30)716NSCNorwich School (Udy) 
508:23 (+00:33)530KGSKingston Grammar School (Linney) 
508:25 (+00:35)434NSCNorwich School (Womack) 
708:29 (+00:39)717ABNAbingdon RC (Harkness) 
308:50 (+01:00)325BMSBedford Modern School (Lawrence) 
409:28 (+01:38)228BGSBedford Girls School (Robinson) 

Womens Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(8 Entries, 7 Starters)

408:06435COXCity of Oxford RC (Tinegate) 
308:50 (+00:44)336BGSBedford Girls School (Crossland) 
408:58 (+00:52)436KGSKingston Grammar School (Howell-Bayes) 
309:18 (+01:12)337BGSBedford Girls School (Doherty) 
509:25 (+01:19)534BGSBedford Girls School (Cestaro) 
309:27 (+01:21)335KSEKing's School Ely BC (Watson) 
309:32 (+01:26)334KSEKing's School Ely BC (Barnham)