Bedford Fours and Small Boats Head

Sunday 10th April 1994

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Elite Coxed Fours

(5 Entries, 3 Starters)

06:15120BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
06:31 (+0:16)318LEALea Rowing Club
06:32 (+0:17)252BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
DNS460BEDBedford Rowing Club (C)
DNS421CAMCity of Cambridge

Senior 1 Coxed Fours

(8 Entries, 7 Starters)

06:30422HOLHollingworth Lake RC
06:31 (+0:01)320TRCThames RC
06:35 (+0:05)52BEDBedford Rowing Club
06:43 (+0:13)319CAMCity of Cambridge (B)
06:46 (+0:16)253LBRLoughborough RC (B)
06:50 (+0:20)51LBRLoughborough RC (A)
06:53 (+0:23)423CAMCity of Cambridge (A)
DNS186PETPeterborough City

Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(10 Entries, 9 Starters)

06:38322SRCSudbury RC (B)
06:45 (+0:07)122STA/GRCStar/Grey College
06:46 (+0:08)324CAMCity of Cambridge
06:46 (+0:08)188HENHenley RC
06:50 (+0:12)424LBRLoughborough RC (B)
06:51 (+0:13)385LEALea Rowing Club
06:57 (+0:19)53LBRLoughborough RC (A)
07:05 (+0:27)187SRCSudbury RC (A)
07:47 (+1:09)323_WATWatford Town RC
DNS425BEDBedford Rowing Club

Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(24 Entries)

06:41258TRCThames RC (B)
06:42 (+0:01)58NGUNottingham University
06:47 (+0:06)190TRCThames RC (A)
06:49 (+0:08)125MARMarlow RC (A)
06:52 (+0:11)61LEALea Rowing Club
06:58 (+0:17)126TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
07:00 (+0:19)388TRCThames RC (C)
07:00 (+0:19)124PETPeterborough City
07:01 (+0:20)57SRCSudbury RC
07:02 (+0:21)260TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (B)
07:02 (+0:21)327STNStaines BC (C)
07:03 (+0:22)390CAMCity of Cambridge
07:06 (+0:25)329TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (C)
07:06 (+0:25)59STNStaines BC (A)
07:07 (+0:26)426STNStaines BC (D)
07:09 (+0:28)328BEDBedford Rowing Club
07:11 (+0:30)259MARMarlow RC (B)
07:12 (+0:31)330TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (D)
07:13 (+0:32)387DMLDe Montfort University RC
07:14 (+0:33)191STNStaines BC (B)
07:33 (+0:52)389LERLeicester RC (B)
07:34 (+0:53)455DMLDe Montfort University RC (MK)
07:42 (+1:01)60LERLeicester RC (A)
07:44 (+1:03)192_WATWatford Town RC

Novice Coxed Fours

(17 Entries)

06:45143SRCSudbury RC
06:59 (+0:14)148STAStar Club (B)
07:08 (+0:23)211LEALea Rowing Club (A)
07:12 (+0:27)144HENHenley RC (A)
07:13 (+0:28)271DMLDe Montfort University RC (A)
07:15 (+0:30)81BDSBedford School
07:16 (+0:31)435LEALea Rowing Club (B)
07:21 (+0:36)82_WATWatford Town RC
07:24 (+0:39)147STNStaines BC (A)
07:29 (+0:44)454BEDBedford Rowing Club
07:31 (+0:46)344HENHenley RC (B)
07:41 (+0:56)210RDGReading RC
07:41 (+0:56)80STAStar Club (A)
07:42 (+0:57)79PETPeterborough City (A)
07:57 (+1:12)146PETPeterborough City (B)
08:07 (+1:22)272STNStaines BC (B)
08:11 (+1:26)145DMLDe Montfort University RC (B)

Veteran B Coxed Fours

(6 Entries, 4 Starters)

06:43255BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
06:47 (+0:04)384BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
07:12 (+0:29)383STAStar Club
07:26 (+0:43)254STNStaines BC
DNS121HENHenley RC (A)
DNS321HENHenley RC (B)

Veteran C Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

06:42128BEDBedford Rowing Club
07:27 (+0:45)261PET/ROB/CAMPeterborough/Rob Roy/Cambridge
07:41 (+0:59)127STNStaines BC
08:35 (+1:53)64STAStar Club

Junior Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

06:54193BDSBedford School
07:04 (+0:10)391STAStar Club
07:20 (+0:26)62LEALea Rowing Club

Junior 16 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

06:5572BDSBedford School (A)
07:04 (+0:09)200BDSBedford School (B)
07:42 (+0:47)9BDSBedford School (C)

Womens Elite Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

06:555STNStaines BC (B)
07:08 (+0:13)123BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
07:14 (+0:19)56STNStaines BC (B)
07:25 (+0:30)326BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)

Womens Senior 1 Coxed Fours

(4 Entries)

07:13396STNStaines BC (B)
07:15 (+0:02)10BEDBedford Rowing Club
07:18 (+0:05)337STNStaines BC (A)
07:40 (+0:27)237LEALea Rowing Club

Womens Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(8 Entries)

07:1911TRCThames RC (A)
07:25 (+0:06)203STNStaines BC
07:30 (+0:11)269BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
07:35 (+0:16)15TRCThames RC (B)
07:44 (+0:25)202PETPeterborough City
07:54 (+0:35)73DMLDe Montfort University RC
07:55 (+0:36)135BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
08:05 (+0:46)74TTRThames Tradesmens' RC

Womens Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(17 Entries, 16 Starters)

07:34150STNStaines BC
07:36 (+0:02)274BHSBedford High School RC
07:40 (+0:06)215TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (D)
07:41 (+0:07)349TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (E)
07:42 (+0:08)405BEDBedford Rowing Club (C)
07:45 (+0:11)86TRCThames RC
07:46 (+0:12)214TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (C)
07:46 (+0:12)149SRCSudbury RC
07:49 (+0:15)85TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
07:50 (+0:16)345PETPeterborough City (B)
07:50 (+0:16)83PETPeterborough City (A)
07:54 (+0:20)346BRXBroxbourne RC
07:56 (+0:22)350TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (F)
08:02 (+0:28)14BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
08:09 (+0:35)273BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
08:18 (+0:44)347LEALea Rowing Club
DNS351LEALea Rowing Club

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(15 Entries, 14 Starters)

07:56221HENHenley RC
08:16 (+0:20)408BEDBedford Rowing Club
08:27 (+0:31)223BHSBedford High School RC
08:35 (+0:39)18BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
08:38 (+0:42)153TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
08:39 (+0:43)222LERLeicester RC
08:51 (+0:55)276MHDMaidenhead RC
09:02 (+1:06)277COXCity of Oxford RC (A)
09:06 (+1:10)407COXCity of Oxford RC (B)
09:06 (+1:10)352STN/BAWStaines/British Airways
09:15 (+1:19)220PETPeterborough City (B)
09:22 (+1:26)152STN/BAWStaines/British Airways
09:39 (+1:43)151PETPeterborough City (A)
10:29 (+2:33)278TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (B)
DNS17DMLDe Montfort University RC

Womens Junior Coxed Fours

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

07:31436BHSBedford High School RC (B)
07:40 (+0:09)406HENHenley RC
08:24 (+0:53)216NHSNorwich High School RC
08:31 (+1:00)87BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
08:36 (+1:05)16BHSBedford High School RC (A)
DNS217NHSNorwich High School RC

Mixed Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

07:08212NGUNottingham University
07:16 (+0:08)335SRCSudbury RC
DNS430BEDBedford Rowing Club

Elite Coxless Fours

(4 Entries, 2 Starters)

06:15250LEALea Rowing Club
06:42 (+0:27)249BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
DNS419BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
DNS248STNStaines BC

Senior 1 Coxless Fours

(8 Entries, 7 Starters)

06:22420HENHenley RC
06:22118BEDBedford Rowing Club
06:25 (+0:03)317TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (B)
06:27 (+0:05)119TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
06:31 (+0:09)49PETPeterborough City
07:08 (+0:46)382TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (C)
07:09 (+0:47)50TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
DNS251LEALea Rowing Club

Senior 2 Coxless Fours

(2 Entries)

06:34184NGUNottingham University
06:55 (+0:21)185TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (B)

Womens Elite Coxless Fours

(8 Entries)

06:50256STNStaines BC (A)
06:54 (+0:04)189BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
07:03 (+0:13)325BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
07:19 (+0:29)54TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
07:22 (+0:32)257TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (B)
07:35 (+0:45)55TRCThames RC (A)
07:35 (+0:45)4TRCThames RC (C)
08:05 (+1:15)3TRCThames RC (B)

Womens Senior 2 Coxless Fours

(4 Entries)

07:10431STNStaines BC (A)
07:25 (+0:15)432BHSBedford High School RC
07:47 (+0:37)386STAStar Club
07:55 (+0:45)395MHD/ETNMaidenhead/Eton

Elite Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

06:18182BRXBroxbourne RC
06:21 (+0:03)416STN/STRStaines/Strode`s College
06:24 (+0:06)380BRXBroxbourne RC
06:30 (+0:12)379DEW/LERDerwent/Leicester

Senior 2 Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

06:14313PETPeterborough City
06:15 (+0:01)247STN/STRStaines/Strode`s College
06:36 (+0:22)314HENHenley RC

Senior 3 Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

06:30417BEDBedford Rowing Club
06:31 (+0:01)183HENHenley RC

Junior Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

06:20418BDSBedford School
06:43 (+0:23)2BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
06:52 (+0:32)316STAStar Club

Womens Senior 2 Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

07:22336PETPeterborough City
07:24 (+0:02)268STAStar Club
09:08 (+1:46)201PETPeterborough City

Womens Junior 16 Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

07:21218HENHenley RC
07:52 (+0:31)437BHSBedford High School RC

Womens Junior 15 Coxed Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

08:09275BHSBedford High School RC
09:41 (+1:32)219NHSNorwich High School RC

Senior 2 Coxed Pairs

(2 Entries)

07:4022BEDBedford Rowing Club
08:35 (+0:55)283LERLeicester RC

Elite Coxless Pairs

(9 Entries, 6 Starters)

06:4769LEALea Rowing Club (Metcalf/Michl'nous)
06:53 (+0:06)264STNStaines BC (Weedon/Smith)
06:59 (+0:12)68NGU/DUBNottingham Uni/Durham Uni (Stevens/Stevens)
07:01 (+0:14)266TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Elliot/McKenzie)
07:05 (+0:18)392TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (McLean/Peel)
07:27 (+0:40)263SRCSudbury RC
DNS197TRCThames RC (Maby/James)
DNS133TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Woodlis-Field/McLean)
DNS428BEDBedford Rowing Club (McCartney/Brodie)

Senior 1 Coxless Pairs

(7 Entries, 5 Starters)

07:00134TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Elliott/MacKenzie)
07:14 (+0:14)453BEDBedford Rowing Club (Jones/Vincent)
07:14 (+0:14)393TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (MacKenzie/Elliot)
07:30 (+0:30)70SRCSudbury RC
08:01 (+1:01)198TRCThames RC (Pyke/Hatten)
DNS429STA/MBCStar/Molesey (Hoare/Simmons)
DNS265STAStar Club (Stockley/Allen)

Senior 2 Coxless Pairs

(2 Entries)

07:1813STAStar Club (Stockley/Allen)
07:23 (+0:05)139BEDBedford Rowing Club

Senior 3 Coxless Pairs

(5 Entries)

07:23400TRCThames RC (Reid/Bloomfield)
07:23401TRCThames RC (Allen/Powell)
07:29 (+0:06)341TRCThames RC (Falkner/Peled)
07:48 (+0:25)340BRXBroxbourne RC (Stallard/Byworth)
09:38 (+2:15)140HENHenley RC (Lawlor/Halsall)

Veteran B Coxless Pairs

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

07:02267TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (McLean/Peel)
07:05 (+0:03)7BEDBedford Rowing Club (Sadler/Powell)
07:17 (+0:15)71NORNorwich RC (Wells/Weston)
DNS8BEDBedford Rowing Club

Veteran C Coxless Pairs

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

07:19207NORNorwich RC (Wells/Weston)
07:48 (+0:29)402PET/ROBPeterborough/Rob Roy (Walker/Davies)
DNS206DANDanesfield (Thames) RC (Lee/Cuttle)

Junior Coxless Pairs

(3 Entries)

07:36394BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Papworth/Papworth)
08:12 (+0:36)199BRXBroxbourne RC (Stallard/Byworth)
08:21 (+0:45)63BHSBedford High School RC

Womens Elite Coxless Pairs

(6 Entries, 4 Starters)

07:18141STNStaines BC (Hopkins/O'Malley)
07:39 (+0:21)403UTCUpper Thames RC
07:40 (+0:22)142TTRThames Tradesmens' RC
07:58 (+0:40)209LERLeicester RC (Pulford/Roebuck)
DNS434BEDBedford Rowing Club (Bavington/Nitsch)
DNS208STNStaines BC (King/Rosenweing)

Womens Senior 1 Coxless Pairs

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

07:52404TTRThames Tradesmens' RC
07:59 (+0:07)342LERLeicester RC (Pulford/Roebuck)
08:37 (+0:45)343LEALea Rowing Club (Miller/Collins)
DNS78STNStaines BC (Hodgson/Dring)

Womens Junior Coxless Pairs

(5 Entries)

07:56158HENHenley RC (Thomas/Pankhurst)
08:15 (+0:19)20BHSBedford High School RC (Lack/Frossel)
08:18 (+0:22)19BHSBedford High School RC (Day/Ball)
08:31 (+0:35)159BHSBedford High School RC (Day/Cooper)
08:47 (+0:51)21BHSBedford High School RC (Maguire/Cooper)

Elite Double Sculls

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

06:37194DUB/MBCDurham Uni/Molesey (Stevens/Burdett)
06:46 (+0:09)65HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Thornto/Roberts)
06:58 (+0:21)427MHDMaidenhead RC (Sims/Lowther)
DNS262TRCThames RC (Fletcher/Vandra)

Senior 2 Double Sculls

(2 Entries)

06:49129DEW/LERDerwent/Leicester (Playdon/Winslok)
07:09 (+0:20)130STNStaines BC (Spleight/Harris)

Senior 2 Lwt Double Sculls

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

06:5066STNStaines BC (Mallein/Owen)
07:05 (+0:15)331HENHenley RC (Phillips/Tong)
DNS131BRXBroxbourne RC (Day/Valentine)

Senior 3 Double Sculls

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

06:50338NGU/DUBNottingham Uni/Durham Uni (Stevens/Stevens)
07:01 (+0:11)12_KRVKassel RV (Schwarz/Ullrich)
07:13 (+0:23)398HENHenley RC (Coles/Tearle)
07:26 (+0:36)204STRStrode`s College BC (Webb/Blackman)
08:45 (+1:55)75WRCWallingford RC (Malenczelk/Mandy)
DNS399BEDBedford Rowing Club (Pendall/Aldred)

Novice Double Sculls

(4 Entries)

07:03136LERLeicester RC (Allen/Pepperdy)
07:23 (+0:20)458STN/WBSStaines/Windsor Boys School (Thurlway/Smith)
07:38 (+0:35)457STNStaines BC (Blackman/Pratt)
08:31 (+1:28)397HENHenley RC (Kemp/Smith)

Veteran B Double Sculls

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

06:55195HENHenley RC (Thomas/Foad)
06:56 (+0:01)333NUNNottingham & Union RC (Leivers/Walmsley)
07:41 (+0:46)132PETPeterborough City (Parker/Halifax)
DNS332MHDMaidenhead RC (Brooks/Lowther)

Veteran C Double Sculls

(3 Entries)

06:50205NUNNottingham & Union RC (Leivers/Walmsley)
07:08 (+0:18)339COX/BEDOxford/Bedford (Smith/Harris)
07:37 (+0:47)76PETPeterborough City (Parker/Halifax)

Junior Double Sculls

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

06:56334BDSBedford School (Edwards/Thorpe)
07:45 (+0:49)67BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Hardwick/Hardy)
08:12 (+1:16)6BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Melrose/Page)
DNS196LEYThe Leys School BC (Buryneat/Wingfield)

Junior 16 Double Sculls

(5 Entries)

07:26353LTULatymer Upper School (Paterson/Ballard)
07:31 (+0:05)224LTULatymer Upper School (Paterson/Kuper)
07:35 (+0:09)155STN/WBSStaines/Windsor Boys School (Thirlwal/Smith)
07:40 (+0:14)154STN/WBSStaines/Windsor Boys School (Thirlwal/Smith)
08:12 (+0:46)88STAStar Club (King/Brown)

Womens Elite Double Sculls

(2 Entries)

07:28433BEDBedford Rowing Club
07:41 (+0:13)138STAStar Club (Taylor/Ayres)

Womens Senior 3 Double Sculls

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

07:53280STNStaines BC (Hay/Williams)
08:00 (+0:07)225STAStar Club (Talbot/Twilley)
DNS279HENHenley RC (Barratt/Hume)

Womens Novice Double Sculls

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

07:58438HENHenley RC (Williams/Reynolds)
08:25 (+0:27)228NORNorwich RC (Burrell/Young)
08:29 (+0:31)90STRStrode`s College BC (Appleton/Hammond)
08:45 (+0:47)77PETPeterborough City (Hepworth/Lane)
09:01 (+1:03)91WRCWallingford RC (Malenczelk/George)
DNS439ROBRob Roy BC (Jarvis/Skrine)

Womens Junior Double Sculls

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

08:02157HENHenley RC (Snell/Johnson)
08:16 (+0:14)89BHSBedford High School RC (Kendrick/Easterbrook)
08:23 (+0:21)409WRCWallingford RC (George/Bell)
08:49 (+0:47)281WRCWallingford RC (Malenczelk/Mandy)
08:53 (+0:51)226BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Dentith/Miller)
09:29 (+1:27)156BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Cooper/Welch)
DNS282STAStar Club (Robertson/Watson)

Womens Junior 16 Double Sculls

(2 Entries, 1 Starter)

07:46354HENHenley RC (Hooper/Preston)
DNS227BHSBedford High School RC (Hymen/Partridge)

Mixed Elite Double Sculls

(2 Entries, 1 Starter)

07:21137SRCSudbury RC
DNS270WRCWallingford RC (Colbourne/Malenchelk)

Elite Sculls

(7 Entries, 4 Starters)

07:0593TRCThames RC (Fletcher)
07:09 (+0:04)23TRCThames RC (Humphries)
07:26 (+0:21)284HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Thornton)
07:30 (+0:25)92WRCWallingford RC (Colbourne)
DNS286CAMCity of Cambridge (Nelder)
DNS285DEWDerwent RC (Starling)
DNS355ROBRob Roy BC (Crow)

Senior 1 Sculls

(9 Entries, 6 Starters)

07:01356MBCMolesey BC (Burdett)
07:17 (+0:16)24BEDBedford Rowing Club (McLean)
07:31 (+0:30)289HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Barnes)
07:38 (+0:37)287PETPeterborough City (Stapleton)
07:43 (+0:42)229PETPeterborough City (Lurcock)
07:59 (+0:58)288HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Ryder)
DNS160DEWDerwent RC (Starling)
DNS467_AARAarvaark BC (Appleton)
DNS461BMSBedford Modern School (Sweeny)

Senior 2 Sculls

(10 Entries, 8 Starters)

07:0226TRCThames RC (Kalizan)
07:03 (+0:01)96MBCMolesey BC (Burdett)
07:32 (+0:30)25STAStar Club (Oldham)
07:36 (+0:34)230ROBRob Roy BC (Crow)
07:41 (+0:39)97STAStar Club (Higgins)
07:46 (+0:44)441MHDMaidenhead RC (Woffinden)
07:49 (+0:47)161PETPeterborough City (Stapleton)
07:51 (+0:49)95PETPeterborough City (Lurcock)
DNS468_AARAarvaark BC (Brainstorm)
DNS462BMSBedford Modern School (Bagshaw)

Senior 2 Lwt Sculls

(2 Entries)

07:29163PETPeterborough City (Palmer)
07:35 (+0:06)98ROBRob Roy BC (Crow)

Senior 3 Sculls

(24 Entries, 20 Starters)

07:16103TRCThames RC (Vandra)
07:19 (+0:03)293LERLeicester RC (Winslok)
07:23 (+0:07)99PETPeterborough City (Paice)
07:24 (+0:08)100STNStaines BC (Simpson)
07:32 (+0:16)233STAStar Club (Barley)
07:38 (+0:22)456BEDBedford Rowing Club (Tusting)
07:41 (+0:25)167TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Pullen)
07:43 (+0:27)411BIRBirmingham RC (Sergeant)
07:50 (+0:34)30BEDBedford Rowing Club (McCartney)
07:54 (+0:38)410PETPeterborough City (Hall)
07:54 (+0:38)359SRCSudbury RC (Bessy)
07:55 (+0:39)102STAStar Club (Williams)
07:55 (+0:39)101SRCSudbury RC (Ablett)
07:57 (+0:41)166DEWDerwent RC (Robson)
08:01 (+0:45)29STRStrode`s College BC (Blackman)
08:02 (+0:46)294CAMCity of Cambridge (Hobday)
08:02 (+0:46)31BEDBedford Rowing Club (Pendall)
08:22 (+1:06)290PETPeterborough City (Laidlaw)
08:34 (+1:18)291HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Roberts)
13:04 (+5:48)360MHDMaidenhead RC (Hill)
DNS469_AARAarvaark BC (Cartwright)
DNS463BMSBedford Modern School (Lickfold)
DNS361HENHenley RC (Nixon)
DNS292_KRVKassel RV (Schwarz)

Novice Sculls

(19 Entries, 16 Starters)

07:3738BEDBedford Rowing Club (Brodie)
07:53 (+0:16)445KSEKing's School Ely BC (Ojier)
07:53 (+0:16)369BDSBedford School (Waterfall)
07:54 (+0:17)372TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Rodgers)
07:56 (+0:19)240PETPeterborough City (Hall)
08:06 (+0:29)370LERLeicester RC (Pepperdy)
08:08 (+0:31)37BEDBedford Rowing Club (Aldred)
08:10 (+0:33)371TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Chaplin)
08:11 (+0:34)305LERLeicester RC (Allen)
08:12 (+0:35)301STNStaines BC (Higgs)
08:21 (+0:44)304LERLeicester RC (Watson)
08:34 (+0:57)170BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Pomphrey)
08:40 (+1:03)300MHDMaidenhead RC (Harris)
08:52 (+1:15)303LERLeicester RC (Shaw)
08:54 (+1:17)107BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Page)
09:04 (+1:27)306LBRLoughborough RC (Jones)
DNS302CAMCity of Cambridge (Barlett)
DNS239BRXBroxbourne RC (Browne)
DNS470BMSBedford Modern School

Veteran A Sculls

(4 Entries, 3 Starters)

07:12358MHDMaidenhead RC (Sims)
07:37 (+0:25)357TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (Pullen)
07:41 (+0:29)94CAMCity of Cambridge (Nelder)
DNS440BEDBedford Rowing Club (Powell)

Veteran B Sculls

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

07:37165BEDBedford Rowing Club (Harris)
07:53 (+0:16)27PETPeterborough City (Parker)
07:54 (+0:17)164DEWDerwent RC (Perry)
07:57 (+0:20)28BEDBedford Rowing Club (Knights)
08:08 (+0:31)231SRCSudbury RC (Ablett)
08:09 (+0:32)232NORNorwich RC (West)
DNS442COXCity of Oxford RC (Smith)

Veteran C Sculls

(6 Entries, 4 Starters)

07:42295BRDBradford ARC (Simpson)
07:4234BEDBedford Rowing Club (Harris)
07:57 (+0:15)364NORNorwich RC (West)
08:29 (+0:47)365COXCity of Oxford RC (Smith)
DNS235NHSNorwich High School RC (Harris)
DNS168BRXBroxbourne RC (Woods)

Veteran D Sculls

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

08:1340PETPeterborough City (Walker)
08:14 (+0:01)415PETPeterborough City (Parker)
08:15 (+0:02)307BRXBroxbourne RC (Stallard)
08:42 (+0:29)243ROBRob Roy BC (Baker)
DNS308BRXBroxbourne RC (Brandon)

Veteran E Sculls

(2 Entries)

08:23244RDGReading RC (Taylor)
09:22 (+0:59)375BRXBroxbourne RC (Fryer)

Junior Sculls

(8 Entries, 6 Starters)

07:16105PETPeterborough City (Hammond)
07:29 (+0:13)33STAStar Club (Barley)
07:41 (+0:25)104ROBRob Roy BC (Baker)
07:46 (+0:30)363BDSBedford School (Burton)
07:56 (+0:40)234KSEKing's School Ely BC (Ojier)
08:58 (+1:42)32BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Pomphrey)
DNS443CAMCity of Cambridge (Evans)
DNS362DEWDerwent RC (Robson)

Womens Elite Sculls

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

07:39367ROBRob Roy BC (White)
07:49 (+0:10)366CAICaius BC (Mowbray)
07:49 (+0:10)169STNStaines BC (Corless)
08:39 (+1:00)35STAStar Club (Taylor)
09:23 (+1:44)412BIRBirmingham RC (Jameson)
DNS444HOLHollingworth Lake RC (Clift)

Womens Elite Lwt Sculls

(1 Entry)

07:43Time Only368STNStaines BC (Corless)

Womens Senior 1 Sculls

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

07:39238ROBRob Roy BC (White)
07:52 (+0:13)236CAICaius BC (Mowbray)
08:10 (+0:31)297LEALea Rowing Club (Wellings)
08:58 (+1:19)296BIRBirmingham RC (Jameson)
DNS413_GRZGrenzach (Lowther)

Womens Senior 2 Sculls

(4 Entries)

07:5336CAICaius BC (Mowbray)
08:10 (+0:17)106BEDBedford Rowing Club (Guise)
08:39 (+0:46)299LEALea Rowing Club (Dagg)
09:18 (+1:25)298_GRZGrenzach (Lowther)

Womens Senior 3 Sculls

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

08:15112STNStaines BC (Hay)
08:29 (+0:14)114BEDBedford Rowing Club (Bavington)
08:30 (+0:15)113BEDBedford Rowing Club (Mitchell)
08:38 (+0:23)311MARMarlow RC (Holden)
08:41 (+0:26)245DEWDerwent RC (Fletcher)
09:01 (+0:46)376MHDMaidenhead RC (Harris)
09:52 (+1:37)310NUNNottingham & Union RC (Langland)
10:09 (+1:54)309NUNNottingham & Union RC (Burns)
DNS41STAStar Club (Watson)

Womens Novice Sculls

(16 Entries, 14 Starters)

08:31117BEDBedford Rowing Club (Nitsch)
08:35 (+0:04)180BEDBedford Rowing Club (Elliott)
08:42 (+0:11)246PETPeterborough City (Kelsey)
08:50 (+0:19)181BEDBedford Rowing Club (Bowis)
08:55 (+0:24)312MHDMaidenhead RC (O'Callaghan)
09:04 (+0:33)446BEDBedford Rowing Club (Carpenter)
09:13 (+0:42)46STAStar Club (Allen)
09:32 (+1:01)179STAStar Club (Berry)
09:38 (+1:07)378LEALea Rowing Club (Middleton)
09:50 (+1:19)175BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Barrell)
09:57 (+1:26)178NUNNottingham & Union RC (Langland)
10:00 (+1:29)377LERLeicester RC (Shaw)
10:38 (+2:07)176WRCWallingford RC (Bell)
10:42 (+2:11)177NUNNottingham & Union RC (Burns)
DNS48BEDBedford Rowing Club (Karsten)
DNS47BEDBedford Rowing Club (Casebourne)

Womens Junior Sculls

(4 Entries)

08:2642BHSBedford High School RC (Easterbrook)
08:37 (+0:11)115PETPeterborough City (Newton)
08:37 (+0:11)173MARMarlow RC (Holden)
08:40 (+0:14)116STAStar Club (Robertson)

Womens Junior 16 Sculls

(4 Entries)

08:3844STAStar Club (Talbot)
08:50 (+0:12)43STAStar Club (Twilley)
09:25 (+0:47)174STAStar Club (Gurney)
09:31 (+0:53)45BHSBedford High School RC (Kendrick)

Junior 16 Sculls

(15 Entries, 12 Starters)

07:43108PETPeterborough City (Runnacles)
07:46 (+0:03)109STAStar Club (Taylor)
07:57 (+0:14)374KSEKing's School Ely BC (Ojier)
08:06 (+0:23)110STAStar Club (DeSouza)
08:08 (+0:25)373LTULatymer Upper School (Kuper)
08:10 (+0:27)39STAStar Club (Blackley)
08:12 (+0:29)172LTULatymer Upper School (Ballard)
08:15 (+0:32)171STAStar Club (Luxemburg)
08:16 (+0:33)111BHSBedford High School RC (Feeney)
08:53 (+1:10)414BDSBedford School (Ingrey-Senn)
09:17 (+1:34)242BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association (Melrose)
09:27 (+1:44)241NHSNorwich High School RC (Harris)
DNS466BMSBedford Modern School (Someanother)
DNS465BMSBedford Modern School (Riccado)
DNS464BMSBedford Modern School (Blankinshaw)