Bedford Fours and Small Boats Head

Sunday 10th April 1994

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Senior 3 Coxed Fours
(24 Entries)

06:41258TRCThames RC (B)
06:42 (+0:01)58NGUNottingham University
06:47 (+0:06)190TRCThames RC (A)
06:49 (+0:08)125MARMarlow RC (A)
06:52 (+0:11)61LEALea Rowing Club
06:58 (+0:17)126TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (A)
07:00 (+0:19)388TRCThames RC (C)
07:00 (+0:19)124PETPeterborough City
07:01 (+0:20)57SRCSudbury RC
07:02 (+0:21)327STNStaines BC (C)
07:02 (+0:21)260TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (B)
07:03 (+0:22)390CAMCity of Cambridge
07:06 (+0:25)329TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (C)
07:06 (+0:25)59STNStaines BC (A)
07:07 (+0:26)426STNStaines BC (D)
07:09 (+0:28)328BEDBedford Rowing Club
07:11 (+0:30)259MARMarlow RC (B)
07:12 (+0:31)330TTRThames Tradesmens' RC (D)
07:13 (+0:32)387DMLDe Montfort University RC
07:14 (+0:33)191STNStaines BC (B)
07:33 (+0:52)389LERLeicester RC (B)
07:34 (+0:53)455DMLDe Montfort University RC (MK)
07:42 (+1:01)60LERLeicester RC (A)
07:44 (+1:03)192_WATWatford Town RC