Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 7th April 2002

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Senior 3 Sculls
(9 Entries, 7 Starters)

507:59303SRCSudbury RC (Dixon) 
108:13 (+00:14)42SRCSudbury RC (Chambers) 
708:21 (+00:22)403STAStar Club (Callow) 
408:27 (+00:28)236YARYare RC (Green) 
408:43 (+00:44)238COXCity of Oxford RC (Allen) 
409:05 (+01:06)235UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (Ferguson) 
409:05 (+01:06)237YARYare RC (Windham) 
0DNS176LEALea Rowing Club (Kephalas) 
0DNS41BEDBedford Rowing Club (van Beele)