Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 15th February 2004

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Novice Eights
(15 Entries)

606:30155Bedford School (A)
206:32 (+00:02)32Clare BC
706:36 (+00:06)184Bedford Modern School
706:42 (+00:12)186St Georges Hospital Med. School (A)
306:43 (+00:13)67Maidenhead RC
206:43 (+00:13)33Worcester College
306:50 (+00:20)66Lady Margaret BC
207:01 (+00:31)34New College (BC)
707:02 (+00:32)187Bedford School (B)
107:03 (+00:33)6University of Birmingham
707:07 (+00:37)185St Georges Hospital Med. School (B)
107:15 (+00:45)126Pembroke College (Oxford)
607:25 (+00:55)127University of Kent
608:00 (+01:30)154Southampton Institute
308:06 (+01:36)191Star Club (Time Only)