Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 4th April 2004

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Novice Sculls
(28 Entries, 24 Starters)

407:29252RDGReading RC (Duncan)
107:30 (+00:01)326CAMCity of Cambridge (Stewart)
507:31 (+00:02)325STAStar Club (Bavington)
807:32 (+00:03)649YRKYork City RC (Beaumont)
107:44 (+00:15)49CAMCity of Cambridge (Thompson)
307:46 (+00:17)186SJOSt John`s College BC (Townsend)
407:48 (+00:19)256RDGReading RC (Cowell)
407:51 (+00:22)259UCOUniversity College, Oxford (Weaver)
607:57 (+00:28)387STAStar Club (Ashbrook)
407:59 (+00:30)250RDGReading RC (Peacock)
308:04 (+00:35)184BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thompson)
408:09 (+00:40)248NTNNorthampton RC (Perry)
408:09 (+00:40)247RDGReading RC (Johnson)
308:11 (+00:42)183MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Mollison)
308:12 (+00:43)185BEDBedford Rowing Club (Beechinor)
308:13 (+00:44)182PETPeterborough City (Hine)
408:15 (+00:46)251RDGReading RC (Mortimer)
408:19 (+00:50)258RDGReading RC (Jeffcoat)
408:20 (+00:51)255RDGReading RC (Casserley)
408:22 (+00:53)253RDGReading RC (Nevile)
408:23 (+00:54)254BOSBoston RC (Woods)
308:30 (+01:01)188LBRLoughborough RC (Hill)
408:43 (+01:14)257BOSBoston RC (Mills)
409:10 (+01:41)249BURBurway RC (Cowley)
8DNS245RDGReading RC (Hatcher)
2DNS119_OUROundle RC (Johnson)
3DNS187STAStar Club (Foley)
7DNS627LBRLoughborough RC (Lyon)