1st Bedford Scullers Head of the River Race

Sunday 4th April 1971

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(18 Entries, 16 Starters)

208:27.032_CROCrowland RC (J Murphy) 
108:27.012_CROCrowland RC (F R Johnson) 
108:28.0 (+0:01.0)13LRHLady Rohesia Boat Club (C Keron) 
308:47.0 (+0:20.0)55BDSBedford School (S Knight) 
208:47.0 (+0:20.0)38HENHenley RC (N J Gorvin) 
308:56.0 (+0:29.0)54BEDBedford Rowing Club (R Bright) 
209:00.0 (+0:33.0)33BEDBedford Rowing Club (J Hellyer) 
309:01.0 (+0:34.0)53LRHLady Rohesia Boat Club (D Wilson) 
109:03.0 (+0:36.0)10NGUNottingham University (D Catlin) 
109:12.0 (+0:45.0)11BEDBedford Rowing Club (C Barcock) 
209:15.0 (+0:48.0)40BDSBedford School (M Duddy) 
209:22.0 (+0:55.0)35BEDBedford Rowing Club (J Mingay) 
209:37.0 (+1:10.0)39BEDBedford Rowing Club (S Musselle) 
309:40.0 (+1:13.0)56BEDBedford Rowing Club (M Stanbridge) 
209:58.0 (+1:31.0)36BMSBedford Modern School (R Stewart) 
311:13.0 (+2:46.0)57BDSBedford School (T Brewis) 
2DNS37BEDBedford Rowing Club (E Ludford) 
2DNS34BDSBedford School (T Beckett)