Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th April 1999

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Novice Sculls
(23 Entries, 18 Starters)

07:27166Bedford Rowing Club (Williams)
07:34 (+0:07)385University of East Anglia (Kelsey)
07:41 (+0:14)101Nottingham & Union RC (Troy)
07:42 (+0:15)98Huntingdon RC (Adams)
07:48 (+0:21)235Nottingham BC (Campbell)
07:52 (+0:25)102Southampton University (Cunado)
07:58 (+0:31)424Lea Rowing Club (Landrew)
08:00 (+0:33)99Rob Roy BC (Laurent)
08:04 (+0:37)165Free Press (M Brown)
08:09 (+0:42)356Rob Roy BC (Jones)
08:09 (+0:42)100Rob Roy BC (Wallwork)
08:10 (+0:43)355Bedford Star (Leinster)
08:11 (+0:44)167Falcon RC (Ulliott)
08:13 (+0:46)35City of Cambridge (Dowdy)
08:19 (+0:52)290Warwick University (Fowler)
08:20 (+0:53)408Bedford Rowing Club (Nicholls)
08:42 (+1:15)237Rob Roy BC (Carr)
10:37 (+3:10)354Huntingdon RC (Rickerby)
DNS97Rob Roy BC (Oeffner)
DNS420Oundle School BC (Stallard)
DNS413Rob Roy BC
DNS384Burway RC (Griffin)
DNS236Rob Roy BC (Moore)