Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th April 1999

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Senior 3 Sculls
07:3087Falcon RC (Jenks)
07:3086Nottingham & Union RC (Adams)
07:34 (+0:04)88Rob Roy BC (Barnes)
07:35 (+0:05)226University of East Anglia (Kelsey)
07:39 (+0:09)23Star Club (Barringer)
07:39 (+0:09)84Rob Roy BC (Ganger)
07:40 (+0:10)85Rob Roy BC (Hodgson)
07:45 (+0:15)378Star Club (Emmerson)
07:51 (+0:21)228Southampton University (Cunado)
07:52 (+0:22)225Nottingham & Union RC (Troy)
07:52 (+0:22)24St Ives RC (Kilby)
07:54 (+0:24)403Broxbourne RC (Aherne)
07:58 (+0:28)345Taurus BC (Gandon)
08:01 (+0:31)22Burway RC (Biddle)
08:01 (+0:31)83Rob Roy BC (Naratos)
08:02 (+0:32)227Boston RC (Elms)
08:08 (+0:38)81Nottingham BC (Storrie)
08:11 (+0:41)151Bedford Star (Jackson)
08:13 (+0:43)152Bedford Star (Leinster)
08:13 (+0:43)149City of Cambridge (Dowdy)
08:14 (+0:44)150Newark RC (Kenway)
08:15 (+0:45)224Rob Roy BC (Oeffner)
08:21 (+0:51)82Nottingham BC (Measures)
08:30 (+1:00)418Oundle School BC (Lee)
DNS379Warwick University (Fowler)
DNS377Thames RC (Ewans)