Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 13th February 2005

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Senior 3 Coxed Fours
(9 Entries)

206:31115BMSBedford Modern School
706:37 (+00:06)510LBSLoughborough Students RC
306:51 (+00:20)86STAStar Club
306:51 (+00:20)85GUIGuildford RC
306:52 (+00:21)87LEUUniversity of Leicester
607:09 (+00:38)181UKEUniversity of Kent (Beresford)
607:11 (+00:40)180UKEUniversity of Kent (Cummings)
607:14 (+00:43)182UKEUniversity of Kent (Barde)
407:22 (+00:51)114FALFalcon RC