Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 10th April 2005

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Senior 3 Sculls
(11 Entries, 10 Starters)

607:25335ROBRob Roy BC (Silk)
107:32 (+00:07)42RCHRoyal Chester RC (Jones)
207:37 (+00:12)112UYOUniversity of York Boat Club (Beaumont)
207:40 (+00:15)111ROBRob Roy BC (Morrell)
307:43 (+00:18)172LEALea Rowing Club (Axton)
107:44 (+00:19)43BEDBedford Rowing Club (Robb)
807:50 (+00:25)674CAMCity of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson)
607:50 (+00:25)336RDGReading RC (Charij)
407:54 (+00:29)240PETPeterborough City (Taylor)
408:27 (+01:02)239CAMCity of Cambridge (Cobbett)
3DNS173QBCQuintin BC (Ryan)