Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 15th April 2007

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Novice Sculls
(28 Entries, 24 Starters)

607:31368BRXBroxbourne RC (Scorah)
107:49 (+00:18)55NTNNorthampton RC (Debeauvais)
207:50 (+00:19)114ABNAbingdon RC (Maynard)
207:57 (+00:26)113LERLeicester RC (Lister)
608:03 (+00:32)369FTTFirst & Third Trinity
508:14 (+00:43)314CHECheltenham College (Watton)
308:15 (+00:44)192CAMCity of Cambridge (Dawson)
608:19 (+00:48)372EVEEvesham RC (Hoy)
308:24 (+00:53)188CNNCambridge '99 RC (Hanman)
208:26 (+00:55)116SIVSt Ives RC (Robinson)
508:31 (+01:00)318GUIGuildford RC (Wills)
708:33 (+01:02)315OACOxford Academicals RC (Knight)
508:33 (+01:02)370CHECheltenham College (Linscott)
108:34 (+01:03)52SRCSudbury RC (Ralph)
408:35 (+01:04)260CAMCity of Cambridge (Lewis)
208:49 (+01:18)115GUIGuildford RC (Sadler)
308:54 (+01:23)191BEDBedford Rowing Club (Dickens)
508:57 (+01:26)316GUIGuildford RC (Woowat)
209:07 (+01:36)450BEDBedford Rowing Club (Black)
109:08 (+01:37)51BEDBedford Rowing Club (Vendy)
109:14 (+01:43)54BEDBedford Rowing Club (Phelps)
109:24 (+01:53)53STAStar Club (Cook)
509:56 (+02:25)317_OUROundle RC (Box)
310:21 (+02:50)195PETPeterborough City (Hawden)
6DNS371IELIsle of Ely BC (Turton)
3DNS189CAMCity of Cambridge (Goodrick)
3DNS190CNNCambridge '99 RC (Kibalchenko)
8DNS434UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (McCorry)