Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 15th April 2007

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Novice Double Sculls
(22 Entries, 21 Starters)

407:14234ABNAbingdon RC (Maynard/Bray) 
607:21 (+00:07)353SIVSt Ives RC (Robinson/Hadley) 
107:53 (+00:39)34STAStar Club (Tapley/Stockton) 
507:55 (+00:41)294COXCity of Oxford RC (Kemp/Griffiths) 
407:59 (+00:45)235STAStar Club (Durrant/Tysoe) 
208:03 (+00:49)98STKTrentham BC (Barr/Moran) 
308:07 (+00:53)174BECBeccles Rowing Club (Lamb/Bliss) 
408:08 (+00:54)239HENHenley RC (Anthony/Gatley) 
708:15 (+01:01)399CNNCambridge '99 RC (Paul/Rowe) 
608:15 (+01:01)96UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (Lac/Killin) 
308:15 (+01:01)176BECBeccles Rowing Club (Beck/Turner) 
708:18 (+01:04)236PETPeterborough City (Starkey/Wadlow) 
708:22 (+01:08)398SUAStratford-upon-Avon BC (McGilvray/Ford) 
508:22 (+01:08)295UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (Burrows/Joyce) 
808:22 (+01:08)428STKTrentham BC (Pittman/Wright) 
408:29 (+01:15)237STAStar Club 
308:36 (+01:22)175BOSBoston RC (Ladds/Cox) 
208:39 (+01:25)101NTNNorthampton RC (Brookes/Johnson) 
208:48 (+01:34)100_OUROundle RC 
409:35 (+02:21)238UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (Weston/Eves) 
2DNF 95_OUROundle RC (Dunn/Murray) 
2DNS97GUIGuildford RC (Manton/Phipps)