Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 15th April 2007

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Novice Coxed Fours
(19 Entries)

307:08155BDSBedford School (B) 
107:15 (+00:07)23BEDBedford Rowing Club (A) 
107:15 (+00:07)21KRCKingston Rowing Club 
807:17 (+00:09)419LEALea Rowing Club 
607:19 (+00:11)336CHECheltenham College (A) 
607:32 (+00:24)338UKEUniversity of Kent 
607:37 (+00:29)340UKEUniversity of Kent 
307:38 (+00:30)153BEDBedford Rowing Club (B) 
407:39 (+00:31)215BDSBedford School (C) 
207:41 (+00:33)72BDSBedford School (A) 
107:42 (+00:34)24UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (D) 
607:46 (+00:38)420CHECheltenham College (D) 
607:46 (+00:38)337WOCWolfson College BC (Cam) 
507:49 (+00:41)278SUAStratford-upon-Avon BC 
207:58 (+00:50)73EVEEvesham RC (T) 
308:05 (+00:57)154MIKMilton Keynes RC 
108:14 (+01:06)22STAStar Club 
608:15 (+01:07)339_OUROundle RC 
308:23 (+01:15)152EVEEvesham RC (M)