Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 10th February 2008

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Senior 1 Eights

(3 Entries)

705:48207STA/BDS/BMSStar/Bedford School/BMS 
306:05 (+00:17)68KRCKingston Rowing Club (Thompson) 
506:38 (+00:50)140ABNAbingdon RC 

Senior 2 Eights

(13 Entries, 12 Starters)

305:5869COXCity of Oxford RC 
105:59 (+00:01)3STAStar Club (Bavington) 
206:00 (+00:02)35GRTGranta BC 
106:02 (+00:04)2KRCKingston Rowing Club (Thompson) 
606:10 (+00:12)174LMBLady Margaret BC (M1) 
306:14 (+00:16)72LBSLoughborough Students RC (Wiseman) 
306:15 (+00:17)70LBSLoughborough Students RC (Crouchman) 
106:21 (+00:23)1BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thompson) 
306:28 (+00:30)71CLAClare BC (O Brien) 
606:28 (+00:30)233JECJesus College 
606:33 (+00:35)4KRCKingston Rowing Club (Brewer) 
707:10 (+01:12)208SON/BED/TRCSons/Bedford/Thames 
4DNS103CHBChrist Church (M1) 

Senior 3 Eights

(18 Entries, 16 Starters)

406:01102GRTGranta BC 
306:13 (+00:12)75LMBLady Margaret BC (M1) 
606:14 (+00:13)178FTTFirst and Third Trinity BC 
606:15 (+00:14)176MAGMagdalen College BC (1st Torpid) 
106:16 (+00:15)6LBSLoughborough Students RC (Crouchman) 
406:17 (+00:16)106DOWDowning College BC (Bond) 
106:19 (+00:18)8LBSLoughborough Students RC (Wiseman) 
506:21 (+00:20)141STAStar Club (Bullard) 
506:23 (+00:22)143CAICaius BC (M1) 
406:23 (+00:22)232JECJesus College 
706:25 (+00:24)76KRCKingston Rowing Club (Haworth) 
606:26 (+00:25)175PEMPembroke College, Cambridge (M1) 
506:27 (+00:26)142CLAClare BC (O Brien) 
106:33 (+00:32)7KRCKingston Rowing Club (Sandford Blight) 
406:47 (+00:46)108DOWDowning College BC (M2) 
306:52 (+00:51)5BEDBedford Rowing Club (Vendy) 
4DNS105CLAClare BC (M2) 
2DNS36CHBChrist Church (M1) 

Senior 4 Eights

(12 Entries, 11 Starters)

206:1140DOWDowning College BC (M1) 
406:15 (+00:04)107MAGMagdalen College BC (1st Torpid) 
206:19 (+00:08)37BDSBedford School 
506:19 (+00:08)110PEMPembroke College, Cambridge (M1) 
206:22 (+00:11)39CAICaius BC (M1) 
306:34 (+00:23)79SELSelwyn College BC (M1) 
406:39 (+00:28)109NECNew College 
206:41 (+00:30)38DOWDowning College BC (Przewozniak) 
406:41 (+00:30)111UCOUniversity College, Oxford (M1) 
306:49 (+00:38)78TRHTrinity Hall BC (Maltas) 
306:50 (+00:39)77COXCity of Oxford RC 
6DNS177CLAClare BC (M2) 

Novice Eights

(14 Entries)

206:1741SJOSt John`s College BC 
706:19 (+00:02)228UEAUniversity of East Anglia (Bence) 
606:26 (+00:09)179MGDMagdalene College (Bruce) 
306:32 (+00:15)80BDSBedford School (A) 
306:34 (+00:17)81PBCPeterhouse BC 
206:35 (+00:18)42UCOUniversity College, Oxford (M1) 
506:47 (+00:30)147BDSBedford School (B) 
606:48 (+00:31)181CHAChampion of the Thames 
606:55 (+00:38)180UEAUniversity of East Anglia 
606:56 (+00:39)182SELSelwyn College BC (M2) 
406:59 (+00:42)113LBSLoughborough Students RC (Elsender) 
507:09 (+00:52)148STAStar Club 
107:17 (+01:00)10NTNNorthampton RC 
707:56 (+01:39)209UEAUniversity of East Anglia (Mitchell) 

Novice Eights (Invitation)

(1 Entry)

207:3650STAStar Club 

Veteran D Eights

(2 Entries)

306:50 (+00:02)73ABNAbingdon RC 

Junior 18 Eights

(2 Entries)

306:1074BMSBedford Modern School (Edwards) 
406:15 (+00:05)104BDSBedford School 

Junior 15 Eights

(3 Entries)

106:3913BMSBedford Modern School (McMaster) 
506:46 (+00:07)150BDSBedford School 
207:02 (+00:23)49EMAEmanuel School (Parkinson) 

Womens Senior 2 Eights

(5 Entries)

106:559WRCWallingford RC 
507:04 (+00:09)144KRCKingston Rowing Club (Pilbeam) 
507:14 (+00:19)145BEDBedford Rowing Club 
407:15 (+00:20)112SON/BED/TRCSons/Bedford/Thames 
507:15 (+00:20)146CAICaius BC (W1) 

Womens Senior 3 Eights

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

707:01210WRCWallingford RC 
607:13 (+00:12)183BEDBedford Rowing Club 
207:16 (+00:15)43CAICaius BC (W1) 
707:18 (+00:17)211MAGMagdalen College BC (W1) 
107:23 (+00:22)11ABNAbingdon RC 
407:36 (+00:35)114UCOUniversity College, Oxford (W1) 
2DNS44CHBChrist Church (A) 

Womens Senior 4 Eights

(14 Entries, 13 Starters)

307:0682BHSBedford High School RC (Symmonds) 
707:19 (+00:13)212PEMPembroke College, Cambridge (W1) 
207:20 (+00:14)48SELSelwyn College BC (W1) 
407:21 (+00:15)115DOWDowning College BC (W1) 
507:26 (+00:20)149MAGMagdalen College BC (Strevens) 
207:29 (+00:23)45DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
207:29 (+00:23)46UCOUniversity College, Oxford (W1) 
707:29 (+00:23)213PMBPembroke College (Oxford) (W1) 
207:30 (+00:24)47ABNAbingdon RC 
707:34 (+00:28)214LMBLady Margaret BC (W1) 
507:41 (+00:35)151CAICaius BC (W2) 
607:57 (+00:51)185COXCity of Oxford RC 
108:14 (+01:08)12STAStar Club 
6DNS184CHBChrist Church (C) 

Womens Novice Eights

(13 Entries, 12 Starters)

207:1352DOWDowning College BC (W1) 
707:28 (+00:15)215CHUChurchill College BC 
407:31 (+00:18)117COXCity of Oxford RC 
607:31 (+00:18)187LMBLady Margaret BC (Rickman) 
607:36 (+00:23)188MGDMagdalene College (Burrows) 
407:42 (+00:29)118DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
207:47 (+00:34)51CAICaius BC (W2) 
307:56 (+00:43)84JEOJesus College Oxford 
307:59 (+00:46)83TRHTrinity Hall BC (Scott) 
508:02 (+00:49)153SELSelwyn College BC (W2) 
508:05 (+00:52)152LBSLoughborough Students RC 
6DNF 186PMBPembroke College (Oxford) (W1) 
4DNS116CHBChrist Church (B) 

Junior 14 Octuples

(8 Entries)

307:1785BDSBedford School 
107:51 (+00:34)15BMSBedford Modern School (Farmer) 
507:51 (+00:34)154HAMHampton School (Brown) 
107:55 (+00:38)16DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
208:57 (+01:40)55HAMHampton School (Raithatha) 
509:02 (+01:45)155HAMHampton School (Clow) 
211:25 (+04:08)54HAMHampton School (Shook) 
212:34 (+05:17)53HAMHampton School (Walker) 

Elite Coxed Fours

(1 Entry)

506:29231BDS/BMSBedford School/Bedford Modern 

Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(7 Entries, 6 Starters)

506:44158KRCKingston Rowing Club (Lack) 
606:57 (+00:13)190BDSBedford School 
306:58 (+00:14)86BEDBedford Rowing Club (Bland) 
207:24 (+00:40)57ABNAbingdon RC (VD) 
107:28 (+00:44)19ABNAbingdon RC (VE) 
707:30 (+00:46)218LERLeicester RC (Norris) 
4DNS122BEDBedford Rowing Club (Hemingway) 

Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(8 Entries)

206:4858BDSBedford School 
606:52 (+00:04)193COXCity of Oxford RC 
107:05 (+00:17)22MIKMilton Keynes RC (Floodgate) 
507:08 (+00:20)164BEDBedford Rowing Club (Thompson) 
307:15 (+00:27)87KRCKingston Rowing Club (Sandford Blight) 
607:24 (+00:36)160BEDBedford Rowing Club (Coles) 
707:29 (+00:41)219BEDBedford Rowing Club (Howell) 
607:40 (+00:52)192LERLeicester RC (Norris) 

Senior 4 Coxed Fours

(9 Entries, 8 Starters)

107:0023BMSBedford Modern School (Griffin) 
407:07 (+00:07)128SUAStratford-upon-Avon BC (McClellan) 
407:12 (+00:12)163BDSBedford School 
607:14 (+00:14)197COXCity of Oxford RC 
407:32 (+00:32)127GUIGuildford RC 
307:36 (+00:36)89UKEUniversity of Kent 
407:39 (+00:39)196BEDBedford Rowing Club (Duigan) 
508:20 (+01:20)230BECBeccles Rowing Club 
2DNS61BRXBroxbourne RC 

Novice Coxed Fours

(13 Entries, 12 Starters)

606:59198BMSBedford Modern School (Edwards) 
407:12 (+00:13)133KRCKingston Rowing Club (Wood) 
507:19 (+00:20)166BDSBedford School (A) 
307:25 (+00:26)93GUIGuildford RC 
407:25 (+00:26)131CHAChampion of the Thames (Wheatcroft) 
707:29 (+00:30)221BDSBedford School (B) 
307:31 (+00:32)92STAStar Club (A) 
307:38 (+00:39)91CHAChampion of the Thames (Potts) 
407:53 (+00:54)132UKEUniversity of Kent 
308:03 (+01:04)229BECBeccles Rowing Club 
708:08 (+01:09)222OUTOundle Town RC (Quigley) 
408:12 (+01:13)130COXCity of Oxford RC 
1DNS24STAStar Club (B) 

Junior 15 Coxed Fours

(5 Entries, 4 Starters)

607:15200BMSBedford Modern School (B) 
507:30 (+00:15)167EMAEmanuel School (Hodsoll) 
607:47 (+00:32)199BMSBedford Modern School (A) 
407:58 (+00:43)134BMSBedford Modern School (C) 
3DNS94EMAEmanuel School (Parkinson) 

Womens Senior 2 Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

307:3690KRCKingston Rowing Club (Jones) 
407:40 (+00:04)129WRCWallingford RC 
507:45 (+00:09)165WRCWallingford RC 

Womens Senior 3 Coxed Fours

(5 Entries)

107:2525BHSBedford High School RC (Symmonds) 
607:48 (+00:23)201KRCKingston Rowing Club (Pilbeam) 
307:51 (+00:26)95WRCWallingford RC 
207:56 (+00:31)63WRCWallingford RC 
208:33 (+01:08)62MIKMilton Keynes RC (Wilson) 

Womens Senior 4 Coxed Fours

(6 Entries)

108:0026BHSBedford High School RC (Havens) 
408:01 (+00:01)136ABNAbingdon RC 
608:03 (+00:03)203STAStar Club (Hamshere) 
508:24 (+00:24)168LBSLoughborough Students RC (Rigotti) 
508:33 (+00:33)169MIKMilton Keynes RC (Mills) 
709:21 (+01:21)223STAStar Club 

Womens Novice Coxed Fours

(8 Entries, 6 Starters)

308:3496GUIGuildford RC 
408:36 (+00:02)138EMAEmanuel School (Robertson) 
708:42 (+00:08)225STAStar Club 
710:16 (+01:42)224OUTOundle Town RC (Stratton) 
110:22 (+01:48)28BMSBedford Modern School (Smith) 
6DNS97MIKMilton Keynes RC (Mills) 
7DNS226KRCKingston Rowing Club 

Womens Junior Coxed Fours

(3 Entries)

407:55135DAHDame Alice Harpur BC 
208:06 (+00:11)64EMAEmanuel School (Thomas) 
608:21 (+00:26)202EMAEmanuel School (Little) 

Senior 2 Coxless Fours

(6 Entries, 5 Starters)

606:42189COXCity of Oxford RC 
506:42157STAStar Club (James) 
706:55 (+00:13)217ABNAbingdon RC (S1) 
107:13 (+00:31)18ABNAbingdon RC (VC) 
307:32 (+00:50)88BEDBedford Rowing Club 
5DNS156KRCKingston Rowing Club (Thompson) 

Senior 2 Quad Sculls

(1 Entry)

406:25119COXCity of Oxford RC 

Senior 3 Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

106:3517STAStar Club (James) 
706:37 (+00:02)216STAStar Club (Durrant) 
107:16 (+00:41)20HONThe Hornets Boat Club 
207:41 (+01:06)56MIKMilton Keynes RC (Gilet) 

Senior 4 Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

506:49159KRCKingston Rowing Club (Haworth) 
606:50 (+00:01)191KRCKingston Rowing Club (Tompkins) 
406:56 (+00:07)123COXCity of Oxford RC 

Junior 18 Quads

(2 Entries)

406:46120STAStar Club (Durrant) 
406:49 (+00:03)121STOStowe Sculling Club (Curtis) 

Womens Senior 3 Quad Sculls

(5 Entries, 3 Starters)

707:11220STAStar Club (Ewang) 
507:44 (+00:33)161BEDBedford Rowing Club 
407:47 (+00:36)124STAStar Club (Whiteman) 
6DNS194KRCKingston Rowing Club (Jones) 
6DNS195STAStar Club (Armstrong) 

Womens Senior 4 Quad Sculls

(7 Entries)

407:09125BHSBedford High School RC (Piggott) 
107:21 (+00:12)21STAStar Club (Ewang) 
407:27 (+00:18)126STAStar Club (Ewang) 
607:32 (+00:23)204STAStar Club (North) 
507:34 (+00:25)162STAStar Club (Hamshere) 
207:42 (+00:33)59STAStar Club (Hills) 
207:49 (+00:40)60LBSLoughborough Students RC (Crowther) 

Womens Novice Quad Sculls

(3 Entries, 2 Starters)

507:59170LBSLoughborough Students RC (Crowther) 
108:53 (+00:54)27BEDBedford Rowing Club (Caramiello) 
4DNS137BHSBedford High School RC (Stenhouse) 

Novice Coxed Quad Sculls

(2 Entries)

607:47205OUTOundle Town RC (Chandler) 
107:50 (+00:03)29STOStowe Sculling Club 

Junior 14 Coxed Quads

(5 Entries)

207:3966BMSBedford Modern School (Schwar) 
507:47 (+00:08)172COXCity of Oxford RC 
207:49 (+00:10)67HAMHampton School (Brown) 
508:38 (+00:59)171HAMHampton School (Reichwald) 
508:50 (+01:11)173HAMHampton School (Wilson) 

Womens Novice Coxed Quad Sculls

(4 Entries)

407:4730BHSBedford High School RC 
408:13 (+00:26)139STAStar Club (North) 
608:20 (+00:33)206OUTOundle Town RC (Roe) 
708:36 (+00:49)227OUTOundle Town RC (Birchall) 

Womens Junior 15 Coxed Quad Sculls

(3 Entries)

107:3932STAStar Club 
307:52 (+00:13)98DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (A) 
108:01 (+00:22)31DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (B) 

Womens Junior 14 Coxed Quad Sculls

(5 Entries)

108:4033BHSBedford High School RC (Chase) 
308:49 (+00:09)100BHSBedford High School RC (Chase) 
308:52 (+00:12)101DAHDame Alice Harpur BC (A) 
108:54 (+00:14)34BHSBedford High School RC (Bithery) 
309:46 (+01:06)99GUIGuildford RC