Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 2008

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Novice Sculls
(32 Entries, 31 Starters)

207:44109SRCSudbury RC (Ralph)
107:49 (+00:05)46CAMCity of Cambridge (Redman)
607:56 (+00:12)359FITFitzwilliam College (Davison)
507:56 (+00:12)294ROBRob Roy BC (Saunders)
207:59 (+00:15)108KRCKingston Rowing Club (Salter)
108:00 (+00:16)47STAStar Club (Birch)
208:03 (+00:19)107GUIGuildford RC (Wills)
108:03 (+00:19)49BSTBedford Star (Cunin)
308:05 (+00:21)179COXCity of Oxford RC (Balch)
308:06 (+00:22)181CAMCity of Cambridge (Dawson)
708:08 (+00:24)409BEDBedford Rowing Club (Bland)
408:10 (+00:26)239CABCantabrigian RC (McBirnie)
208:10 (+00:26)111GUIGuildford RC (Hopkins)
508:11 (+00:27)296ROBRob Roy BC (Best)
108:12 (+00:28)48CAMCity of Cambridge (Eakins)
408:22 (+00:38)241GUIGuildford RC (Manton)
408:22 (+00:38)240OACOxford Academicals RC (Knight)
208:24 (+00:40)110MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Ridgway)
508:24 (+00:40)295YARYare RC (Postlethwaite)
508:26 (+00:42)298YARYare RC (McCoy)
808:34 (+00:50)50STAStar Club (Gould)
308:41 (+00:57)182BEDBedford Rowing Club (Vendy)
708:45 (+01:01)412BEDBedford Rowing Club (Duigan)
508:51 (+01:07)297CAMCity of Cambridge (Thomas)
809:00 (+01:16)448STAStar Club (Kilby)
709:02 (+01:18)411FITFitzwilliam College (Marron)
809:02 (+01:18)447PETPeterborough City (Blackman)
709:12 (+01:28)413BEDBedford Rowing Club (Howell)
709:19 (+01:35)410BEDBedford Rowing Club (Phelps)
6DNF 360FITFitzwilliam College (Schramm)
4DNS238MAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Evans)
3DNS180LTULatymer Upper School (Lawson)