Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 2008

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Womens Senior 4 Sculls
(13 Entries, 10 Starters)

408:40245BHSBedford High School RC (Havens) 
208:40122CABCantabrigian RC (Holt) 
808:56 (+00:16)452PETPeterborough City (Rose) 
409:07 (+00:27)246GUIGuildford RC (Lukes) 
509:09 (+00:29)300COXCity of Oxford RC (Pampiglione) 
509:12 (+00:32)299ABNAbingdon RC (Brighton) 
409:12 (+00:32)244CAMCity of Cambridge (Mackley) 
609:14 (+00:34)363COXCity of Oxford RC (Shaw) 
510:14 (+01:34)301GUIGuildford RC (Spruce) 
6DNS362GUIGuildford RC (Stones) 
2DNS120STAStar Club (Rozman) 
2DNS119STAStar Club (Mulvaney) 
4DNS459BHSBedford High School RC (Versnell)