The Isis Sculls

Saturday 24th September 2011

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Results for Abingdon RC

2IM3.4X06:17.86201Abingdon RC (Reeves)
7IM2.2X06:28.92357Abingdon RC (Nurton)
10IM3.2X06:36.72 (+0:00.63)206Abingdon RC (Lynch)
15IM3.2X06:47.99 (+0:11.90)434Abingdon RC (Reeves)
18Mas.D.2X06:53.89215Abingdon RC (Ryan)
30IM3.1X07:00.94 (+0:02.42)303Abingdon RC (Bryson)
42IM3.1X07:11.42 (+0:12.90)379Abingdon RC (Lynch)
60IM2.2X07:26.42 (+0:57.50)295Abingdon RC (Marshall)
65W.IM3.4X07:28.42 (+0:22.28)425Abingdon RC (Richard)
69Mas.E.2X07:30.53293Abingdon RC (Ryan)
75Mas.D.2X07:32.13 (+0:38.24)364Abingdon RC (Godsafe)
79W.IM3.2X07:35.29 (+0:15.06)218Abingdon RC (Hutchings)
82W.IM3.2X07:37.48 (+0:17.25)369Abingdon RC (Hutchings)
90W.IM1.1X07:40.53254Abingdon RC (Marshall)
97J15.2X07:42.72 (+0:24.15)210Abingdon RC (Bowman)
100Mas.E.1X07:44.83396Abingdon RC (Marriott)
116W.IM3.2X07:53.56 (+0:33.33)296Abingdon RC (Richard)
123J17.1X07:58.10 (+0:58.06)239Abingdon RC (Newson)
124W.Mas.C.1X07:58.19335Abingdon RC (Roberts)
127Mas.D.1X07:59.21 (+1:01.38)395Abingdon RC (Baker)
135W.NOV.2X08:05.55 (+0:21.46)299Abingdon RC (Reeves)
139W.J15.2X08:07.25 (+0:23.64)446Abingdon RC (Diver)
144W.IM3.1X08:09.45 (+0:11.51)454Abingdon RC (Roberts)
148=W.NOV.2X08:12.94 (+0:28.85)372Abingdon RC (Owen)
156W.IM3.1X08:16.57 (+0:18.63)384Abingdon RC (Bennett)
171W.J15.2X08:34.04 (+0:50.43)447Abingdon RC (Dawson)
187J14.1X08:54.68307Abingdon RC (Bowman)
193W.J15.1X09:02.92 (+0:26.43)387Abingdon RC (Dawson)