The Isis Sculls

Saturday 24th September 2011

This page has been generated from the original data. Every effort has been made to transcribe it accurately; however, some information, particularly regarding Masters Handicaps, may not be correct.

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Results for Falcon RC

9IM3.2X06:36.09285Falcon RC (Hazel)
19NOV.4X06:54.46(+0:33.30)429Falcon RC (Howells)
35W.IM3.4X07:06.14279Falcon RC (Grunewald)
36W.Mas.C.4X07:06.67356Falcon RC (Grunewald)
48IM2.1X07:16.21(+0:37.66)378Falcon RC (Grunewald)
49Mx.Mas.D.4X07:16.37428Falcon RC (Cochrane)
91W.Mas.D.2X07:40.80222Falcon RC (Steele)
113Mas.C.1X07:51.33(+0:14.09)394Falcon RC (Sutherland)
131W.IM3.2X08:02.09(+0:41.86)445Falcon RC (Grunewald)
136W.Mas.B.1X08:05.87258Falcon RC (Sharma)
180W.Mas.A.NOV.2X08:41.70371Falcon RC (Morgan)