The Isis Sculls

Saturday 24th September 2011

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Results for Westminster School BC

11IM2.1X06:38.55301Westminster School BC (Bradbury)
13J18.1X06:41.44389Westminster School BC (Bradbury)
20IM2.1X06:54.79(+0:16.24)302Westminster School BC (Matthews)
25IM3.1X06:58.52380Westminster School BC (Matthews)
26IM3.1X06:59.13(+0:00.61)305Westminster School BC (Karpov)
28J17.1X07:00.04390Westminster School BC (Karpov)
43J17.1X07:13.33(+0:13.29)391Westminster School BC (Scott)
46NOV.1X07:14.36325Westminster School BC (Scott)
53W.IM3.2X07:20.23370Westminster School BC (Mason)
78J17.1X07:34.89(+0:34.85)392Westminster School BC (Ripley)
101=NOV.1X07:46.47(+0:32.11)398Westminster School BC (Kim)
112J17.1X07:51.14(+0:51.10)315Westminster School BC (Kim)
121W.IM3.1X07:57.94329Westminster School BC (Mason)
122NOV.1X07:57.98(+0:43.62)326Westminster School BC (Ripley)
145J17.1X08:09.83(+1:09.79)314Westminster School BC (Gunn)
152W.J18.1X08:14.06334Westminster School BC (Taylor)
153W.J17.2X08:14.09(+0:43.53)298Westminster School BC (Pinder)