The Isis Sculls

Saturday 24th September 2011

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Results for Wallingford RC

4NOV.4X06:21.16354Wallingford RC (Spurgeon)
5IM3.4X06:24.81 (+0:06.95)275Wallingford RC (Spurgeon)
23Mas.D.1X06:57.83323Wallingford RC (Edge)
31IM3.2X07:01.07 (+0:24.98)207Wallingford RC (Whelan)
34IM2.1X07:05.43 (+0:26.88)224Wallingford RC (Edge)
37NOV.2X07:06.86444Wallingford RC (Holley)
40W.NOV.4X07:10.88432Wallingford RC (Taylor)
55IM3.1X07:21.17 (+0:22.65)453Wallingford RC (Hartridge)
63IM2.1X07:28.18 (+0:49.63)467Wallingford RC (Hartridge)
68NOV.1X07:29.94 (+0:15.58)253Wallingford RC (Worthington)
107W.NOV.2X07:49.46 (+0:05.37)373Wallingford RC (Taylor)
108W.SEN.1X07:49.47381Wallingford RC (Booker)
114W.ELI.1X07:52.39327Wallingford RC (Booker)
129NOV.1X08:01.65 (+0:47.29)252Wallingford RC (Holley)
161W.NOV.2X08:23.53 (+0:39.44)300Wallingford RC (O'Loughlin)
164W.NOV.1X08:24.27 (+0:11.33)260Wallingford RC (O'Loughlin)
168Mas.F.NOV.1X08:30.12462Wallingford RC (Longworth)
169W.IM3.1X08:32.94 (+0:35.00)255Wallingford RC (Tuite)
175W.NOV.1X08:37.00 (+0:24.06)399Wallingford RC (Tuite)