Kingston Head

Saturday 10th March 2012

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Results for Windsor Boys School

70J18.4X17:56.77(+0:14.47)88Windsor Boys School (Brogan)
74J16.4X18:02.60354Windsor Boys School (Abraham)
93J15.8X18:16.20362Windsor Boys School (Tennant)
159J15.4X+19:35.54(+0:30.69)149Windsor Boys School
209J14.8X20:29.35(+0:55.35)181Windsor Boys School (Potts)
234J15.4X+20:57.01(+1:52.16)152Windsor Boys School (Ruse)
254J14.4X+21:27.80(+1:29.40)377Windsor Boys School (Oliver)
268J14.4X+21:49.60(+1:51.20)381Windsor Boys School (Player)
322J14.4X+24:49.60(+4:51.20)384Windsor Boys School (Bartlett)
DQLIM1.4-DQL 255Windsor Boys School (Thompson)