Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 5th April 2009

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Results for Isle of Ely BC

121=IM3.2X07:51(+0:37)284Isle of Ely BC (Turton/Rands)
229=IM3.1X08:21(+0:29)108Isle of Ely BC (Turton)
248=W.IM3.2X08:28(+0:28)100Isle of Ely BC (Cotgrove/Rands)
295=J16.1X08:48(+1:02)351Isle of Ely BC (Hughes)
304=NOV.2-08:51(+1:04)335Isle of Ely BC (Wilcox/Dolby)
325=W.IM3.1X09:03(+0:46)306Isle of Ely BC (Cotgrove)
354=W.J18.1X09:20(+0:59)356Isle of Ely BC (Neal)