Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 5th April 2009

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Results for University of Kent

32=NOV.4+07:14145University of Kent (Cackett)
43=IM3.4+07:19(+0:26)137University of Kent (Edwards)
47=IM2.4+07:21(+0:24)316University of Kent (Edwards)
54=IM3.4+07:24(+0:31)321University of Kent (Cackett)
91=IM3.4+07:43(+0:50)319University of Kent (Lim)
100=NOV.4+07:45(+0:31)147University of Kent (Lim)
121=NOV.4+07:51(+0:37)206University of Kent (Hamlyn)
162=NOV.4+08:05(+0:51)208University of Kent (Stokes)
199=W.NOV.4+08:12152University of Kent (Archer)
260=W.NOV.4+08:33(+0:21)213University of Kent (Fish)
267=NOV.4+08:35(+1:21)211University of Kent (Stephenson)
292=W.NOV.2-08:47(+0:01)341University of Kent (Phieler/O Shaughnessy-Hunter)
304=W.IM3.1X08:51(+0:34)251University of Kent (Hills)
312=W.IM2.1X08:55(+0:37)354University of Kent (Hills)