Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 15th February 1998

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1E.8+05:47115Star Club
2S1.8+05:5465Bedford Rowing Club (A)
3S1.8+05:55 (+0:01)1Star Club
4S2.8+05:5767Downing College (A)
5E.8+06:00 (+0:13)114Bedford/UL
6IF.8+06:015First and Third Trinity BC
7=S2.8+06:03 (+0:06)30Lady Margaret BC
7=IF.8+06:03 (+0:02)93Lady Margaret BC
9S2.8+06:04 (+0:07)69Star Club
10=S2.8+06:09 (+0:12)117Bedford School
10=S3.8+06:0970Bedford School (A)
10=S2.8+06:09 (+0:12)4Bedford Rowing Club
10=S4.8+06:0997Fitzwilliam College
10=IF.8+06:09 (+0:08)31Fitzwilliam College
15S1.8+06:10 (+0:16)92RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (A)
16N.8+06:11122Exeter College Oxford BC
17S3.8+06:13 (+0:04)118Bedford Modern School (B)
18IF.8+06:14 (+0:13)148Clare BC
19=S2.8+06:18 (+0:21)68Downing College (B)
19=IR.8+06:1832King`s College BC
21=S1.8+06:19 (+0:25)66Bedford Rowing Club (B)
21=E.8+06:19 (+0:32)63RMA Sandhurst Boat Club
21=IR.8+06:19 (+0:01)6Lady Margaret BC
24S4.8+06:20 (+0:11)7Sidney Sussex College BC
25N.8+06:21 (+0:10)41Sidney Sussex College BC
26=S4.8+06:22 (+0:13)120Star Club
26=S3.8+06:22 (+0:13)95Bedford Modern School (A)
26=S2.8+06:22 (+0:25)2Cantabrigian RC
29S1.8+06:23 (+0:29)64Cantabrigian RC
30S1.8+06:26 (+0:32)116RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (B)
31E.4-06:28124Bedford Rowing Club
32S2.4X06:29126Bedford Rowing Club
33S4.8+06:36 (+0:27)8Bedford School
34N.8+06:43 (+0:32)75Bedford School (B)
35=E.4-06:46 (+0:18)47Bedford Rowing Club
35=S2.8+06:46 (+0:49)3Star Club/St Neots RC
38=J15.8+06:5398Bedford School (A)
38=VD.8+06:53 (+0:01)34Bedford Rowing Club
40N.8+06:54 (+0:43)74Bedford School (A)
41=IF.8+06:55 (+0:54)94CCAT
41=S2.4X06:55 (+0:26)125Star Club
43=S4.8+07:01 (+0:52)33Midland Bank
43=J16.4X07:0176Bedford Modern School
43=N.4+07:01109King`s College BC
46S3.8+07:03 (+0:54)71Midland Bank
47WS2.8+07:0873Star Club
48=WS3.8+07:1110Broxbourne RC
48=N.8+07:11 (+1:00)40Bedford Rowing Club
50N.4+07:12 (+0:11)83Star Club
51=N.4+07:14 (+0:13)20De Montfort Bedford
51=N.8+07:14 (+1:03)42Bedford Modern School
53WS2.8+07:16 (+0:08)37City of Oxford RC
54=S2.4X07:18 (+0:49)14Bedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
54=J15.8+07:18 (+0:25)9Bedford Modern School (A)
56=WS3.8+07:19 (+0:08)123Bedford High School RC
56=N.4+07:19 (+0:18)131Bedford School (A)
T/OVB.4+07:2017Northampton RC
58VD.4+07:2052Shoreham Rowing Club
59=S2.4+07:2348Northampton RC
59=N.8+07:23 (+1:12)99Bedford School (C)
59=N.4+07:23 (+0:22)82RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (C)
62=S4.4+07:24142Queens` College Cambridge BC
62=N.8+07:24 (+1:13)119Bedford Rowing Club
62=WIF.8+07:2445Lady Margaret BC
65WS1.4X07:25103Derwent RC
66WIR.8+07:2644King`s College BC
67=WS1.4X07:27 (+0:02)104Bedford Rowing Club
67=S3.4+07:2751Northampton/Nene College
69=N.4+07:28 (+0:27)133Bedford School (B)
69=WS2.8+07:28 (+0:20)39Bedford Rowing Club
71=VD.4+07:29 (+0:09)107Bedford Rowing Club
71=WS2.8+07:29 (+0:21)38Midland Bank
73S4.4+07:31 (+0:07)108RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (C)
T/OWS1.8+07:3272Midland Bank
74=N.4+07:34 (+0:33)56Bedford School
74=J15.8+07:34 (+0:41)35Bedford School (B)
76=N.4+07:38 (+0:37)19University of Hertfordshire (A)
76=S4.4+07:38 (+0:14)130University of Kent
76=N.4+07:38 (+0:37)110Bedford Rowing Club (B)
T/OWS1.4-07:40105City of Oxford RC
79=WJ18.4X07:4018Bedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
79=WS3.8+07:40 (+0:29)43Star Club
81=WN.8+07:41101Bedford High School RC
81=S2.4+07:41 (+0:18)102RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (B)
83S3.4+07:43 (+0:16)106RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (B)
84=WJ18.4X07:44 (+0:04)141City of Cambridge
84=WN.8+07:44 (+0:03)46Cantabrigian RC
86J16.4X07:45 (+0:44)77Star Club
87=WS3.8+07:47 (+0:36)100Cantabrigian RC
87=WJ18.4X07:47 (+0:07)53Dame Alice Harpur BC
89S2.4+07:48 (+0:25)127RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (A)
90WS3.4+07:5186Broxbourne RC
91WN.4+07:57112Queens` College Cambridge BC
92WJ15.4X+08:0424Star Club (A)
93=WJ15.4X+08:07 (+0:03)137Star Club (B)
93=N.4+08:07 (+1:06)80Bedford Rowing Club (A)
95=WS3.4+08:08 (+0:17)111Bedford Rowing Club
95=WN.8+08:08 (+0:27)11Bedford Rowing Club
95=N.4+08:08 (+1:07)54Nene College
95=N.4+08:08 (+1:07)81University of Hertfordshire (B)
95=WS3.4+08:08 (+0:17)135Star/BSRA
100WJ15.4X+08:10 (+0:06)25Bedford High School RC
101J14.4X+08:1522Bedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
102J14.4X+08:20 (+0:05)88Bedford School (D)
103J16.4X08:22 (+1:21)50Bedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
104N.4+08:23 (+1:22)55University of Hertfordshire (C)
105WJ15.4X+08:24 (+0:20)23Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)
106WN.4+08:32 (+0:35)28Dame Alice Harpur BC
107=J15.8+08:37 (+1:44)36Bedford Modern School (B)
107=J14.4X+08:37 (+0:22)144Star Club
109WJ15.4X+08:42 (+0:38)60Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)
110WN.4+08:43 (+0:46)91Bedford Rowing Club (A)
111WN.4+08:50 (+0:53)113Bedford Rowing Club (B)
112WN.4+08:51 (+0:54)61University of Hertfordshire (B)
113S3.4+08:52 (+1:25)129RMA Sandhurst Boat Club (C)
114N.4+08:58 (+1:57)134University of Kent
115=J14.4X+09:06 (+0:51)57Bedford School (A)
115=WS3.4+09:06 (+1:15)84Derwent RC
T/OWJ14.4X+09:0729Dame Alice Harpur BC (A)
117WN.4+09:10 (+1:13)27University of Hertfordshire (A)
118J14.4X+09:24 (+1:09)59Bedford Modern School
119J14.4X+09:28 (+1:13)58Bedford School (B)
120=WJ15.4X+09:30 (+1:26)90Dame Alice Harpur BC (C)
120=WN.4+09:30 (+1:33)139University of Kent
122J14.4X+09:36 (+1:21)87Bedford School (C)
123WJ15.4X+09:39 (+1:35)26Dame Alice Harpur BC (D)
124WN.4+10:00 (+2:03)140RMA Sandhurst Boat Club
T/OWJ14.4X+10:0162Dame Alice Harpur BC (B)
125WN.4X10:0689Northampton/Nene College
126WS3.4+10:11 (+2:20)85RMA Sandhurst Boat Club