Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 15th February 1998

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Results for Bedford School

10=S2.8+06:09(+0:12)117Bedford School
10=S3.8+06:0970Bedford School (A)
33S4.8+06:36(+0:27)8Bedford School
34N.8+06:43(+0:32)75Bedford School (B)
38=J15.8+06:5398Bedford School (A)
40N.8+06:54(+0:43)74Bedford School (A)
56=N.4+07:19(+0:18)131Bedford School (A)
59=N.8+07:23(+1:12)99Bedford School (C)
69=N.4+07:28(+0:27)133Bedford School (B)
74=J15.8+07:34(+0:41)35Bedford School (B)
74=N.4+07:34(+0:33)56Bedford School
102J14.4X+08:20(+0:05)88Bedford School (D)
115=J14.4X+09:06(+0:51)57Bedford School (A)
119J14.4X+09:28(+1:13)58Bedford School (B)
122J14.4X+09:36(+1:21)87Bedford School (C)