Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 14th February 2010

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Results for Star Club

1SEN.8+05:551Star Club (A) 
6SEN.8+06:07(+0:12)28Star Club (B) 
15=IM3.4X06:2447Star Club (Mizen) 
15=J15.8X06:24489Star Club (Schools) 
31J18.4X06:40(+0:10)13Star Club (Grzegorzewski) 
35IM3.4-06:46192Star Club (Tapley) 
39J18.4X06:49(+0:19)46Star Club (Tapley) 
45=IM3.4-07:00(+0:14)126Star Club (U of B) 
51=VCDE.8+07:0610Star Club (Rainbow - E) 
57=IM3.8+07:11(+1:09)75Star Club (Chillingsworth) 
82=VCDE.8+07:13(+0:19)147Star Club (Barton - D)Adjusted Time: 07:25
66=W.IM3.8+07:15(+0:04)8Star Club (Mulvaney) 
93=NOV.4X+07:3097Star Club (Grzegorzewski) 
99=W.IM3.8+07:33(+0:22)122Star Club (Thompson) 
114=W.IM3.8+07:43(+0:32)38Star Club (Garrard) 
T/OIM3.4X+07:4798Star Club (Talboys) 
124W.IM3.8+07:48(+0:37)186Star Club (Gagol) 
146VCD.4+07:51(+0:41)158Star Club (Chillingsworth - C)Adjusted Time: 08:04
128=W.J16.4X07:52(+0:14)136Star Club (Hughes) 
155W.J15.4X+08:14(+0:27)21Star Club (Hughes) 
179J15.4X+09:03(+1:30)498Star Club (Tugulu) 
182=W.NOV.4+09:06(+1:10)175Star Club (U of B) 
T/OW.NOV.4+09:24(+1:28)497Star Club