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Sunday 11th April 2010

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Results for Isle of Ely BC

60=IM2.1X07:37111Isle of Ely BC (Hicks) 
74=IM1.2X07:44(+0:20)239Isle of Ely BC (Tonnar/Hicks) 
100=ELI.1X07:54(+0:19)315Isle of Ely BC (Hicks) 
107=IM3.1X07:56113Isle of Ely BC (Tonnar) 
169=IM3.4+08:16(+0:53)155Isle of Ely BC (Wilcox) 
211=IM3.1X08:26(+0:30)115Isle of Ely BC (Anderson) 
243=W.NOV.4X+08:38167Isle of Ely BC (Towriss) 
246=IM1.1X08:39(+0:29)331Isle of Ely BC (Anderson) 
309=NOV.2-08:59(+1:06)29Isle of Ely BC (Wilcox/Dolby)