Bedford Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 11th April 2010

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Results for University of Kent

17=NOV.4+07:16 (+0:01)229University of Kent (Blackledge) 
30=IM3.4+07:24 (+0:01)359University of Kent (Blackledge) 
141=IM3.2-08:07 (+0:21)260University of Kent (Paterson/Webb) 
190=NOV.4+08:23 (+1:08)363University of Kent (Wilderspin) 
190=IM2.2-08:23 (+0:54)376University of Kent (Paterson/Webb) 
197=W.NOV.4+08:24309University of Kent (Fish) 
237=NOV.4+08:37 (+1:22)365University of Kent (Stokes) 
250=W.NOV.4+08:40 (+0:16)240University of Kent (Stoddart) 
256=NOV.1X08:41 (+0:22)276University of Kent (Stevens) 
268=IM3.1X08:47 (+0:51)394University of Kent (Stevens) 
397=W.IM2.2X09:52 (+1:49)257University of Kent (Harvey/Tatchell) 
415W.NOV.1X10:31 (+1:25)408University of Kent (Harvey)