Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 10th April 2011

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Results for University of Kent

13NOV.4+07:08196University of Kent (Blackledge) 
31IM3.4+07:22(+0:09)241University of Kent (Webb) 
70=NOV.4+07:44(+0:36)198University of Kent (Stokes) 
122=NOV.4+08:05(+0:57)242University of Kent (Dent) 
122=NOV.1X08:05261University of Kent (Halahan) 
143=W.IM3.4+08:12(+0:30)135University of Kent (Stoddart) 
170=NOV.2-08:24(+0:46)213University of Kent (Shepherd/Westwood) 
180=W.IM1.2X08:29(+0:15)89University of Kent (Harvey/Tatchell) 
180=W.NOV.4+08:29(+0:25)139University of Kent (Lawless) 
245=W.NOV.4+08:56(+0:52)79University of Kent (Page)