Bedford Autumn Small Boats Head

Sunday 18th October 1998

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Results for Star Club

1E.4-06:01241Star Club
T/OS1.4X06:06102Star Club
2S2.4X06:1744Star Club
4S3.4X06:293Star Club
8=S2.4+06:39 (+0:05)244Star Club
11S2.2X06:42121Star Club (Taylor/Lindsay)
13=S1.4+06:44150Star Club
15=E.2-06:4659Star Club (Singfield/Gillard)
T/OS1.2X06:47256Star Club (Howell/Armstrong)
17S1.4+06:48 (+0:04)201Star Club
18S3.4+06:4948Star Club
21E.2-06:54 (+0:08)13Star Club (Cassidy/Mulkerins)
23=S2.2X06:58 (+0:16)14Star Club (Kelly/Taylor)
26=S3.2-07:01261Star Club (Taylor/Lindsay)
29=S3.2X07:02168Star Club (Bert'ger/Barringer)
35=S3.2X07:07 (+0:05)124Star Club (Callow/Hetherington)
48=S2.4+07:18 (+0:44)202Star Club
53=N.2X07:20 (+0:14)221Star Club (Callow/Wills)
56=E.2-07:21 (+0:35)60Star Club (Hall/Emmerson)
69=S2.1X07:29185Star Club (Howell)
69=S1.1X07:29266Star Club (Scott)
69=VC.4+07:29 (+0:26)54Star Club
81=J16.2X07:34 (+0:13)172Star Club (Callow/Watson)
94S2.1X07:42 (+0:13)268Star Club (Barringer)
98=S3.2X07:45 (+0:43)123Star Club (Wills/Rolfe)
98=J15.2X07:45 (+0:27)225Star Club (Musgrave/Hetherington)
109=WJ16.4X07:53 (+0:20)11Star Club (Manley)
114=N.4+07:54 (+0:46)55Star Club
118S2.1X07:56 (+0:27)136Star Club (Rowe)
125S2.2-07:58 (+0:42)16Star Club (Smith/Lacy)
140=VD.1X08:04191Star Club (Evans)
140=N.1X08:04 (+0:32)32Star Club (Wills)
142=WJ16.2X08:0576Star Club (Smith/Hetherington)
149=N.1X08:09 (+0:37)31Star Club (Ashford)
151=J16.1X08:10 (+0:13)28Star Club (Watson)
151=S2.1X08:10 (+0:41)135Star Club (Jackson)
158=J16.2X08:14 (+0:53)173Star Club (Fitzgerald/Brown)
170=WN.2X08:2074Star Club (Fitzgerald/Curry)
174=WJ15.2X08:22 (+0:23)183Star Club (Manley/Newton)
186=N.1X08:28 (+0:56)81Star Club (Rick)
188=WS2.4+08:29 (+0:26)58Star Club
203=J16.1X08:39 (+0:42)29Star Club (Callow)
T/OWN.4X+09:01116Star Club
239WN.2X09:31 (+1:11)21Star Club (Sapwell/Goodchild)
241=J16.1X09:34 (+1:37)269Star Club (Bertschinger)
241=WJ16.1X09:34 (+1:19)145Star Club (Rick)
247WN.2X09:43 (+1:23)22Star Club (Hall/Stephens)
249WJ15.1X09:48 (+0:23)99Star Club (Hurrell)
252WJ14.1X09:53 (+1:01)147Star Club (Jackson)