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Sunday 18th November 2012

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Results for Oundle Town RC

18Mas.CD.8+07:11 (+0:07)2Oundle Town RC (Milborne =D)Adjusted Time: 06:58
74=Mas.C.2X07:55 (+0:26)141Oundle Town RC (Milborne/Stratton) 
78=Mas.D.2X07:56 (+0:03)21Oundle Town RC (Chandler/McCormack) 
78=Mas.DE.4+07:56 (+0:35)181Oundle Town RC (Dunn =D) 
86=J18.2X07:58191Oundle Town RC (Stratton/Lawson) 
86=Mx.Mas.CE.4+07:58 (+0:04)182Oundle Town RC (Birchall =C) 
96=NOV.4+08:06 (+0:38)62Oundle Town RC (Bell) 
101=W.NOV.8+08:09 (+0:41)120Oundle Town RC (Izod) 
116=W.NOV.4X08:16 (+0:21)238Oundle Town RC (Birchall) 
93=Mas.DE.4+08:16 (+0:43)128Oundle Town RC (McMurdo =E)Adjusted Time: 08:04
106=Mx.Mas.BC.2X08:20 (+0:14)253Oundle Town RC (Craike-Pickering/Stratton =C)Adjusted Time: 08:10
163=Mas.D.1X08:36 (+0:17)154Oundle Town RC (Chandler) 
149=Mx.Mas.BC.2X08:40 (+0:34)254Oundle Town RC (Milborne/Milborne =C)Adjusted Time: 08:30
171=W.NOV.2X08:41 (+0:10)145Oundle Town RC (Leer/Birchall) 
188=NOV.1X08:49 (+0:35)100Oundle Town RC (Stratton) 
199=W.Mas.B.2X08:59 (+0:44)27Oundle Town RC (Craike-Pickering/Watson) 
190=Mx.Mas.DE.2X09:02 (+0:46)255Oundle Town RC (Murray/Izod =E)Adjusted Time: 08:50
213W.Mas.ABC.1X09:21 (+0:45)109Oundle Town RC (Birchall =C)Adjusted Time: 09:08