Star Club Head of the River

Sunday 18th November 2012

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Results for St Ives RC

22Mas.BD.4X07:09 (+0:05)174St Ives RC (=B) 
37=Mas.C.2X07:2973St Ives RC (Dolby/Newland) 
59IM1.2X07:47 (+0:04)241St Ives RC (Dolby/Newland) 
98=J16.1X08:08 (+0:20)104St Ives RC (Robinson) 
116=IM3.1X08:16 (+0:22)212St Ives RC (Robinson) 
121=IM3.1X08:18 (+0:24)84St Ives RC (Gilbey) 
131=W.Mas.ABC.1X08:2390St Ives RC (Williams =A) 
151=IM3.1X08:31 (+0:37)87St Ives RC (Robinson) 
167=J15.1X08:39 (+0:24)219St Ives RC (Wells)