Star Club Head of the River

Sunday 18th November 2012

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Results for Sudbury RC

15Mas.CD.8+06:51231Sudbury RC (Bull =C) 
28=Mas.BC.4+07:17 (+0:05)175Sudbury RC (Adams =B) 
24=Mas.BC.4+07:224Sudbury RC (Bull =C)Adjusted Time: 07:12
47NOV.4+07:40 (+0:12)64Sudbury RC (Bowles) 
51J17.4+07:42180Sudbury RC (Bowles) 
64=IM1.2-07:51 (+0:48)75Sudbury RC (Frost/Adams) 
93=Mx.Mas.DE.2X08:04204Sudbury RC (Kerry/Milbank =D) 
96=W.J16.4X08:06 (+0:17)240Sudbury RC (Shaw) 
98=J16.1X08:08 (+0:20)158Sudbury RC (Bowles) 
101=W.J16.2X08:0991Sudbury RC (Bland/Shaw) 
110Mas.F.2X08:13 (+0:09)82Sudbury RC (Wasse/Milbank) 
127W.J15.2X08:21146Sudbury RC (Adams/Bowles) 
141=Mas.EFG.1X08:43 (+0:16)157Sudbury RC (Arnott =F)Adjusted Time: 08:27
206=W.J15.1X09:02111Sudbury RC (Adams) 
224=W.J16.1X09:22 (+0:25)222Sudbury RC (Shaw) 
237W.J15.1X09:39 (+0:37)167Sudbury RC (Hysom)