Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 1997

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Results for Bedford School

11=S1.4-06:29 (+0:01)337Bedford School
22S2.4+06:39 (+0:03)76Bedford School
30=J16.4+06:53276Bedford School (A)
36=S3.4+06:56537Bedford School (C)
46=J16.4+07:00 (+0:07)399Bedford School
51J16.4+07:02 (+0:09)277Bedford School (B)
52=S3.4+07:03 (+0:07)78Bedford School (A)
66=J18.4+07:06 (+0:10)344Bedford School (B)
83=S4.4+07:12 (+0:08)348Bedford School (C)
88=S3.2-07:1332Bedford School
101=N.4+07:17 (+0:04)18Bedford School
101=J18.2-07:1738Bedford School (A)
106=S4.4+07:18 (+0:14)83Bedford School (A)
127=S4.4+07:25 (+0:21)411Bedford School (D)
127=S2.2-07:25 (+0:02)31Bedford School
141=S4.4+07:28 (+0:24)148Bedford School (B)
155=J16.2-07:33114Bedford School (B)
173=J18.2-07:40 (+0:23)536Bedford School (Jenkins/Longbottom)
173=J16.2-07:40 (+0:07)113Bedford School (A)
187=J16.2-07:43 (+0:10)115Bedford School (C)
202=J15.4+07:4517Bedford School (B)
202=N.4+07:45 (+0:32)152Bedford School (B)
210=J15.2X07:46 (+0:07)371Bedford School (Smith/Haddaway)
210=J15.4+07:46 (+0:01)16Bedford School (A)
214=N.4+07:47 (+0:34)288Bedford School (C)
224=J18.2-07:49 (+0:32)39Bedford School (B)
228=J15.4+07:50 (+0:05)146Bedford School (C)
269=J15.4+08:01 (+0:16)147Bedford School (D)
308=J14.4X+08:1123Bedford School (A)
323=WS2.1X08:14 (+0:01)49Bedford School (Guise)
374=N.1X08:30 (+1:00)538Bedford School (Allen)
396J14.1X08:38 (+0:25)63Bedford School (Smith)
438=J14.4X+09:06 (+0:55)94Bedford School (D)
440=J14.4X+09:07 (+0:56)24Bedford School (B)
443=J14.4X+09:08 (+0:57)93Bedford School (C)
467J14.4X+09:35 (+1:24)150Bedford School (E)
479J14.4X+10:33 (+2:22)161Bedford School (F)