Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 1997

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Results for Nottingham BC

6=E.4-06:25 (+0:10)334Nottingham BC
24E.4X06:42 (+0:20)464Nottingham BC
28E.4+06:49 (+0:20)139Nottingham BC
46=S2.4+07:00 (+0:24)274Nottingham BC
52=VB.4+07:03 (+0:07)73Nottingham BC
58=S1.4+07:04 (+0:31)273Nottingham BC
64=S1.4+07:05 (+0:32)400Nottingham BC
71=E.4+07:08 (+0:39)398Nottingham BC
78=E.2-07:11 (+0:10)484Nottingham BC (Campbell/Waller)
83=S3.2X07:12 (+0:09)505Nottingham BC (Campbell/Stevens)
88=VB.2X07:13 (+0:21)225Nottingham BC (Clark/Straw)
110E.2-07:19 (+0:18)362Nottingham BC (Stevens/Stevens)
139=WE.4-07:27 (+0:23)472Nottingham BC
160=S1.4-07:34 (+1:06)68Nottingham BC
202=N.1X07:45 (+0:15)385Nottingham BC (Stout)
202=E.1X07:45 (+0:32)317Nottingham BC (Chesterfield)
210=WS1.4+07:46 (+0:20)156Nottingham BC
214=WS2.4+07:47 (+0:17)294Nottingham BC
217=E.2-07:48 (+0:47)303Nottingham BC (Towncrow/Knight)
217=S3.2-07:48 (+0:35)109Nottingham BC (Cook/Rutt)
228=VB.1X07:50 (+0:13)244Nottingham BC (Stout)
266WS3.4+07:59481Nottingham BC
283=WS2.4X08:05 (+0:55)282Nottingham BC
292=WS3.2X08:07 (+0:26)313Nottingham BC
308=S3.1X08:11 (+0:30)496Nottingham BC (McLaughlin)
330=N.1X08:16 (+0:46)127Nottingham BC (Measures)
346=N.4+08:21 (+1:08)86Nottingham BC
346=WS1.2-08:21 (+0:27)44Nottingham BC (Hart/Runsinam)
374=S3.4+08:30 (+1:34)471Nottingham BC