Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 1997

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Results for Norwich RC

29VB.2X06:5230Norwich RC (Weston/Kippin)
33=E.2X06:54169Norwich RC (Weston/Kippin)
101=S2.2X07:17 (+0:13)101Norwich RC (Conway/Ford)
163=E.2X07:35 (+0:41)426Norwich RC (Conway/Ford)
171=J15.2X07:39440Norwich RC (Conway/Hannant)
228=VC.1X07:50 (+0:13)449Norwich RC (Brown)
236=S3.1X07:52 (+0:11)249Norwich RC (Brown)
250=J18.1X07:54 (+0:24)321Norwich RC (Ford)
269=VC.1X08:01 (+0:24)448Norwich RC (West)
280=VB.1X08:04 (+0:27)242Norwich RC (West)
283=S3.1X08:05 (+0:24)450Norwich RC (Kennedy)
288=S2.1X08:06 (+0:45)445Norwich RC (Burdett)
294=S1.1X08:08 (+0:27)318Norwich RC (Conway)
299=J18.1X08:09 (+0:39)447Norwich RC (Lamb)
305=S3.1X08:10 (+0:29)324Norwich RC (Burdett)
314=N.1X08:13 (+0:43)197Norwich RC (Kennedy)
314=N.1X08:13 (+0:43)196Norwich RC (Lamb)
323=J16.2X08:14 (+1:21)309Norwich RC (Hunt/Watson)
323=J15.1X08:14 (+0:06)330Norwich RC (Hannant)
330=WJ18.1X08:16390Norwich RC (Gibb)
334=J18.1X08:18 (+0:48)380Norwich RC (Conway)
T/OWS3.1X08:30 (+0:05)539Norwich RC (Gibb)
382=J15.1X08:32 (+0:24)320Norwich RC (Conway)
402=J16.2X08:42 (+1:49)310Norwich RC (Bloomfield/Waters)
432=J16.1X09:02 (+1:11)454Norwich RC (Watson)
440=WJ16.1X09:07 (+0:17)202Norwich RC (Palmer)
445WS3.1X09:09 (+0:44)461Norwich RC (J Palmer)
456J16.1X09:18 (+1:27)455Norwich RC (Hunt)
458=J15.1X09:26 (+1:18)329Norwich RC (Waters)
462J16.1X09:28 (+1:37)456Norwich RC (Waters)