Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 1997

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Results for Star Club

17S1.4-06:32 (+0:04)499Star Club
18=E.4-06:33 (+0:18)269Star Club
26S1.4+06:44 (+0:11)11Star Club
44=S2.4+06:59 (+0:23)405Star Club
75=S2.4+07:10 (+0:34)404Star Club
106=S3.4+07:18 (+0:22)279Star Club
114=S2.1X07:21241Star Club (Blackley)
T/OVC.4-07:2212Star Club
T/OJ16.4X07:276Star Club
144=J18.1X07:3052Star Club (Taylor)
224=VC.2X07:49 (+0:45)228Star Club (Darnell/Pollard)
233=WJ18.2X07:51511Star Club (Hillard/Pearman)
243=N.2X07:53 (+0:56)438Star Club (Barringer/Thompson)
250=WS1.2-07:54509Star Club (King/Taylor)
275=N.1X08:02 (+0:32)58Star Club (Barringer)
305=WS2.4+08:10 (+0:40)90Star Club
323=J16.1X08:14 (+0:23)325Star Club (Hetherington)
328=VE.2X08:15 (+0:11)375Star Club (Swann-Brown/Evans)
362=WS3.2X08:25 (+0:44)510Star Club (Grabham/Sawford)
366=WJ18.1X08:26 (+0:10)61Star Club (Pearman)
391=VD.1X08:35 (+0:29)262Star Club (Evans)
391=J15.1X08:35 (+0:27)60Star Club (Jackson)
397=WJ14.4X+08:39168Star Club
461WN.4+09:27 (+1:06)26Star Club