Bedford Spring Small Boats Head

Sunday 13th April 1997

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Results for Staines BC

11=E.4+06:299Staines BC
106=S3.4+07:18 (+0:22)406Staines BC
111=S1.2-07:20 (+0:03)363Staines BC (Flynn/Dunlop)
121=S2.2-07:23103Staines BC (Flynn/Dunlop)
133=S2.4+07:26 (+0:50)501Staines BC
133=N.2X07:26 (+0:29)491Staines BC (Flynn/Dunlop)
152=S4.4+07:32 (+0:28)209Staines BC
152=S2.1X07:32 (+0:11)378Staines BC (Smith)
163=WE.4-07:35 (+0:31)79Staines BC
187=S3.1X07:43 (+0:02)123Staines BC (Smith)
202=WE.4-07:45 (+0:41)208Staines BC
224=N.4+07:49 (+0:36)211Staines BC
243=WS2.4+07:53 (+0:23)21Staines BC
254=WS1.4+07:55 (+0:29)479Staines BC (C)
280=S3.1X08:04 (+0:23)381Staines BC (Gillies)
283=WS3.4+08:05 (+0:06)91Staines BC (A)
311=N.1X08:12 (+0:42)517Staines BC (Gillies)
323=WS2.4+08:14 (+0:44)353Staines BC (D)
366=WS2.4+08:26 (+0:56)212Staines BC (B)
369=WN.4+08:28 (+0:07)95Staines BC (A)
374=WN.1X08:30 (+0:22)136Staines BC (Coles)
374=WS3.4+08:30 (+0:31)420Staines BC (C)
384=WN.4+08:33 (+0:12)217Staines BC (C)
394=WS3.1X08:37 (+0:12)257Staines BC (Coles)
397=WS3.4+08:39 (+0:40)419Staines BC (B)
410=WS2.4+08:49 (+1:19)158Staines BC (A)
451=WS3.4+09:13 (+1:14)421Staines BC (D)
451=WN.4+09:13 (+0:52)166Staines BC (B)