Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 13th October 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Henley RC

1T1.Op.4X12:00.9312Henley RC (Swinburn) 
2T1.Op.4X12:01.4 (+00:00.5)310Henley RC (Issa) 
4T1.Op.4X12:20.8 (+00:19.9)314Henley RC (Yolland) 
60T1.Op.1X14:08.1 (+00:38.4)67Henley RC (Long) 
65T1.Op.1X14:13.8 (+00:44.1)60Henley RC (Issa) 
66T1.Op.1X14:14.3 (+00:44.6)64Henley RC (O'Connor) 
70J15.4X+14:16.4 (+00:19.2)444Henley RC (Dal Lago)PENALTY
75T1.Op.1X14:20.6 (+00:50.9)69Henley RC (Marshall) 
88J17.1X14:31.4 (+00:03.4)252Henley RC (O'Connor) 
90J18.2-14:33.8 (+00:32.9)178Henley RC (Taylor/Yolland) 
99=T1.Op.1X14:36.8 (+01:07.1)62Henley RC (Taylor) 
103J17.1X14:38.9 (+00:10.9)254Henley RC (Swinburn) 
109T2.Op.1X14:42.8 (+00:23.1)78Henley RC (Overturf) 
121=T2.Op.1X14:50.6 (+00:30.9)80Henley RC (Beattie) 
121=W.Mas.E.4X14:50.6327Henley RC (Lock) 
130T2.Op.1X14:59.4 (+00:39.7)76Henley RC (Turnell) 
149J16.1X15:12.4 (+00:36.5)125Henley RC (Crick) 
146Mas.ABC.1X15:17.0 (+01:09.4)87Henley RC (Harsant =B)Adjusted Time: 15:09.0
164=T1.W.BEG.2X15:17.1353Henley RC (Atkinson/Norman) 
183J17.1X15:27.7 (+00:59.7)247Henley RC (Carr) 
215J16.1X15:46.1 (+01:10.2)115Henley RC (Seager) 
230W.Mas.D.4X15:55.9165Henley RC (Knowles) 
296W.Mas.E.4X16:59.9 (+02:09.3)328Henley RC (Scott)PENALTY