Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 13th October 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Marlow RC

44W.J16.4X13:52.6335Marlow RC (Brindle) 
82T1.W.INT.4+14:25.4170Marlow RC (Brindle) 
127W.J16.4X14:56.0 (+01:03.4)340Marlow RC (Purves) 
155W.J15.4X+15:13.8 (+01:02.3)296Marlow RC (Pope) 
176W.J16.4X15:23.4 (+01:30.8)338Marlow RC (Corcoran) 
181W.J15.4X+15:26.7 (+01:15.2)299Marlow RC (Medlock) 
239W.J17.1X16:03.4275Marlow RC (Dabinett) 
248W.J18.1X16:11.8416Marlow RC (Pryor) 
251W.J17.1X16:13.6 (+00:10.2)278Marlow RC (Lombardo) 
257W.J16.2X16:19.6 (+00:59.4)216Marlow RC (Daniell/Gordon) 
262W.J17.1X16:27.1 (+00:23.7)272Marlow RC (Stilwell) 
266W.J17.1X16:31.6 (+00:28.2)267Marlow RC (Brogan) 
279W.J18.1X16:43.0 (+00:31.2)409Marlow RC (Robertson) 
288W.J18.1X16:49.4 (+00:37.6)419Marlow RC (Robbins) 
290W.J16.2X16:53.2 (+01:33.0)214Marlow RC (Purves/Fisk) 
309W.J17.1X17:17.1 (+01:13.7)269Marlow RC (Lyons)