Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 13th October 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Star & Arrow Club

9J18.2X12:34.532Star & Arrow Club (Eilers/Murphy) 
13J18.2X12:55.7(+00:21.2)29Star & Arrow Club (Devereux/Willis) 
20T1.INT.2X13:14.124Star & Arrow Club (Milne/Hoeselbarth) 
37J17.2X13:46.8343Star & Arrow Club (Hughes/Grainge) 
41J18.1X13:50.6369Star & Arrow Club (Eilers) 
42J18.1X13:51.8(+00:01.2)372Star & Arrow Club (Murphy) 
57J18.1X14:04.3(+00:13.7)361Star & Arrow Club (Devereux) 
76J18.1X14:21.4(+00:30.8)374Star & Arrow Club (Milne) 
79J18.1X14:22.7(+00:32.1)364Star & Arrow Club (Pikelis) 
97J17.1X14:36.1(+00:08.1)242Star & Arrow Club (Hughes) 
98J17.1X14:36.7(+00:08.7)246Star & Arrow Club (Willis) 
104J18.1X14:40.0(+00:49.4)376Star & Arrow Club (Hoeselbarth) 
115T1.Op.1X14:45.7(+01:16.0)61Star & Arrow Club (Briggs) 
124J18.1X14:53.0(+01:02.4)378Star & Arrow Club (Briggs) 
168J16.1X15:19.1(+00:43.2)97Star & Arrow Club (Grainge) 
240J16.1X16:03.7(+01:27.8)105Star & Arrow Club (Barnes)