Reading Small Boats Head

Saturday 13th October 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Shiplake College

6J18.4+12:27.6318Shiplake College (Ash) 
12J18.4+12:51.2 (+00:23.6)320Shiplake College (Focosi) 
17J17.4+13:02.2162Shiplake College (Boret) 
19J17.4-13:13.0316Shiplake College (Boret) 
21T1.Op.4-13:16.8155Shiplake College (Brown) 
26J17.4+13:25.1 (+00:22.9)163Shiplake College (Focosi) 
T/OT1.W.4X13:44.0 (+00:23.2)322Shiplake College (Wornham) 
53J18.2-14:00.9174Shiplake College (O'Hare/Haskins) 
83T1.BEG.2X14:27.0 (+00:40.1)345Shiplake College (Fox/Howard-Jones) 
91T1.BEG.4+14:33.9167Shiplake College (Wiseman) 
110=J16.2-14:42.9348Shiplake College (Humphris/Batty) 
177J16.2X15:23.7 (+01:29.7)194Shiplake College (Cameron- Martin/Batty)