Star Club Head of the River

Sunday 18th November 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Bedford School

19Op.2.8+07:01(+00:20)2Bedford School (Toms) 
31=J18.4X07:19(+00:30)10Bedford School (Billington) 
45Op.1.4+07:31(+00:13)11Bedford School (Wilkins) 
57=J15.8+07:44(+00:26)5Bedford School (Liu) 
72J15.8+07:52(+00:34)6Bedford School (Bentley-Evans) 
78=Op.1.4X07:56(+00:49)72Bedford School (Hooper) 
138=Op.1.2-08:23(+00:37)297Bedford School (Toms/Lusty) 
T/OJ16.2-08:28333Bedford School (Lousada Blaazer/Winder) 
T/OJ15.1X09:11(+00:56)334Bedford School (Nanda)