Star Club Head of the River

Sunday 18th November 2018

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NOTE - these results are Provisional, with some crews still to race. Not all Masters' Handicaps will therefore be available.


Results for Nottingham & Union RC

1J14.2X06:07265Nottingham & Union RC (Apps/Kirkham) 
3W.J14.4X+06:18332Nottingham & Union RC (Tucker) 
6W.J14.4X+06:34(+00:16)264Nottingham & Union RC (Stevens) 
7J14.1X06:39152Nottingham & Union RC (Rainbow) 
12=J14.1X06:45(+00:06)154Nottingham & Union RC (Waddell) 
22J14.1X07:12(+00:33)153Nottingham & Union RC (McDonald) 
25=W.J14.1X07:15163Nottingham & Union RC (Drury) 
27W.J13.2X07:17148Nottingham & Union RC (Lunn/Stevens) 
28=J13.1X07:18(+00:38)169Nottingham & Union RC (Kirkham) 
34=W.J13.2X07:20(+00:03)149Nottingham & Union RC (Grocock/Dowding) 
39W.J14.1X07:23(+00:08)158Nottingham & Union RC (Cooper) 
40J13.1X07:25(+00:45)167Nottingham & Union RC (Apps) 
41=W.J13.1X07:28171Nottingham & Union RC (Newman) 
52=J14.1X07:39(+01:00)155Nottingham & Union RC (Morgan) 
55W.J14.1X07:41(+00:26)164Nottingham & Union RC (Brown) 
57=Mas.DEF.4+07:44(+00:30)278Nottingham & Union RC (Waumsley) 
61=W.J14.1X07:45(+00:30)157Nottingham & Union RC (Waller) 
61=W.J14.1X07:45(+00:30)161Nottingham & Union RC (Tucker) 
74=W.J14.1X07:54(+00:39)162Nottingham & Union RC (Redfearn) 
83=W.J16.4X07:57288Nottingham & Union RC (Tyler) 
90=J15.4X+07:59(+00:14)290Nottingham & Union RC (Rainbow) 
97=Mas.EFG.2X08:02(+00:08)96Nottingham & Union RC (Carter/Hughes =E) 
101=J15.2X08:03(+00:04)304Nottingham & Union RC (Knowles/Burrows) 
127=Op.2.2-08:19(+00:07)94Nottingham & Union RC (Stevens/Waumsley) 
130=Op.2.2X08:20295Nottingham & Union RC (Ilett/Gotts) 
142=W.J16.2X08:24(+00:04)225Nottingham & Union RC (Newman/Kirkham) 
163J15.1X08:42(+00:27)119Nottingham & Union RC (Knowles) 
165=W.J16.2X08:45(+00:25)108Nottingham & Union RC (Tyler/Rainbow) 
168=J15.4X+08:46(+01:01)84Nottingham & Union RC (Sharkey) 
178=J15.1X08:53(+00:38)118Nottingham & Union RC (Burrows) 
201=W.J15.2X09:07229Nottingham & Union RC (Cullis/Butcher) 
212=W.J17.1X09:15327Nottingham & Union RC (Patchett) 
238=W.J15.1X09:32(+00:12)137Nottingham & Union RC (Kirkham) 
251=W.J15.1X09:38(+00:18)138Nottingham & Union RC (Newman) 
266=W.J15.1X10:02(+00:42)140Nottingham & Union RC (Cullis) 
284W.J15.1X10:38(+01:18)139Nottingham & Union RC (McLeod)