Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 13th February 2000

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Results for University of Leicester

11S2.8+06:10(+0:16)2University of Leicester
26=S4.8+06:24(+0:10)85University of Leicester
44=N.8+06:43(+0:03)137University of Leicester
67=S2.4+06:56(+0:13)172University of Leicester
70=S3.4+06:57(+0:17)60University of Leicester
98=S4.4+07:15(+0:42)176University of Leicester
101=WS3.8+07:16(+0:28)169University of Leicester
118=N.4+07:28(+0:32)26University of Leicester (A)
138=WS3.4+07:4870University of Leicester
140=WN.8+07:49(+0:32)56University of Leicester
149WS4.4+08:13112University of Leicester (A)
152WN.4+08:19(+0:01)113University of Leicester (B)
160WN.4+08:49(+0:31)154University of Leicester (A)