Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 18th February 1996

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1E.8+05:16111STAStar Club
2E.8+05:29 (+0:13)55NUNNottingham & Union RC
3S2.8+05:391GRTGranta BC
4S2.8+05:40 (+0:01)113BDSBedford School (B)
5E.8+05:42 (+0:26)85BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
6E.8+05:46 (+0:30)56BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
7S1.8+05:47112JECJesus College BC
8S2.8+05:48 (+0:09)2BEDBedford Rowing Club
9S3.8+05:4992CHUChurchill College BC
10S3.8+05:51 (+0:02)114QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC
11=S2.8+05:53 (+0:14)28STAStar Club
11=N.8+05:5362PBCPeterhouse BC (A)
11=S1.8+05:53 (+0:06)87BEDBedford Rowing Club
14S1.8+05:54 (+0:07)86STAStar Club
15=S3.8+05:55 (+0:06)89CHBChrist Church BC
15=S3.8+05:55 (+0:06)29OSGOsler House Boat Club
17S3.8+05:56 (+0:07)58JECJesus College BC
18S3.8+05:57 (+0:08)115BEDBedford Rowing Club
19=S3I.8+05:5832FITFitzwilliam College BC
19=S3I.8+05:5891LMBLady Margaret BC
21=S2.8+05:59 (+0:20)57BDSBedford School (A)
21=S3.8+05:59 (+0:10)31LMBLady Margaret BC
23S3.8+06:00 (+0:11)90FITFitzwilliam College BC
24VC.8+06:0133NUNNottingham & Union RC
25S3.8+06:04 (+0:15)60BDSBedford School (B)
26S3.8+06:05 (+0:16)3BDSBedford School (A)
27S2.4X06:0842ROBRob Roy BC
28VB.4X06:0916NUNNottingham & Union RC (A)
29E.4+06:1215NUNNottingham & Union RC
30N.8+06:15 (+0:22)34QCCQueens` College Cambridge BC
31=E.4+06:19 (+0:07)41BEDBedford Rowing Club
31=VC.8+06:19 (+0:18)6BEDBedford Rowing Club
33=WS3.8+06:2038CUWCambridge University WBC
33=N.8+06:20 (+0:27)63PBCPeterhouse BC (B)
35N.8+06:22 (+0:29)93CHUChurchill College BC
36J15.8+06:238BDSBedford School
37N.8+06:24 (+0:31)64CHBChrist Church BC
38=S3.8+06:27 (+0:38)59STAStar Club
38=VD.8+06:2761BEDBedford Rowing Club
38=N.8+06:27 (+0:34)116BDSBedford School (A)
41VD.8+06:33 (+0:06)5STAStar Club
42=VB.4X06:36 (+0:27)118BEDBedford Rowing Club
42=S2.8+06:36 (+0:57)88MAVMaidstone Invicta RC
44WE.8+06:3736BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
45=S3.8+06:38 (+0:49)30MAVMaidstone Invicta RC
45=S2.4+06:38119STAStar Club
47=N.4+06:3975OSGOsler House Boat Club
47=N.8+06:39 (+0:46)7BEDBedford Rowing Club
49S3.4+06:4045NUNNottingham & Union RC
50WS3.8+06:41 (+0:21)12TRHTrinity Hall BC
51=WE.8+06:42 (+0:05)37CUWCambridge University WBC
51=WN.8+06:4268TRHTrinity Hall BC (A)
53=S2.4+06:43 (+0:05)101NUNNottingham & Union RC
53=WN.8+06:43 (+0:01)117LMBLady Margaret BC
55=N.8+06:45 (+0:52)35BDSBedford School (B)
55=S3.4+06:45 (+0:05)102OSGOsler House Boat Club
57=J16.4+06:46100BMSBedford Modern School
57=S3.4+06:46 (+0:06)120CABCantabrigian RC
57=S3.4+06:46 (+0:06)18BMSBedford Modern School
57=S3.4+06:46 (+0:06)46BMSBedford Modern School
57=J18.4X06:4643BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
62=WE.4-06:48121BEDBedford Rowing Club
62=WE.4X06:48103BED/BHSBedford/Bedford High School
64WE.4X06:52 (+0:04)20BEDBedford Rowing Club
65=J16.4+06:53 (+0:07)17BDSBedford School
65=WE.8+06:53 (+0:16)10STAStar Club
65=WS3.8+06:53 (+0:33)94CHUChurchill College BC
65=N.4+06:53 (+0:14)78BDSBedford School
69J15.8+06:55 (+0:32)9BMSBedford Modern School
70WS3.8+06:57 (+0:37)95JECJesus College BC
71=WN.8+06:59 (+0:17)70JECJesus College BC
71=N.4+06:59 (+0:20)21BMSBedford Modern School
73WS3.8+07:00 (+0:40)11BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
74S2.4+07:03 (+0:25)44LEUUniversity of Leicester BC
75WS3.8+07:04 (+0:44)66STAStar Club
76S3.4+07:05 (+0:25)72LEUUniversity of Leicester BC
77N.4+07:07 (+0:28)77BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
78WJ18.4-07:1080BHSBedford High School RC (E)
79VC.4-07:1171STAStar Club
80WN.8+07:13 (+0:31)96CHBChrist Church BC
81WN.8+07:16 (+0:34)67PBCPeterhouse BC
82=WN.8+07:19 (+0:37)69TRHTrinity Hall BC (B)
82=N.4+07:19 (+0:40)132UKEUniversity of Kent
84=WS3.4+07:22122BEDBedford Rowing Club
84=WE.4X07:22 (+0:34)19BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
84=WE.4-07:22 (+0:34)47DBY/DEWDerby/Derwent
87=N.4+07:26 (+0:47)76BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
87=J15.4+07:2673BMSBedford Modern School
89N.4+07:27 (+0:48)48UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire
90WJ18.4-07:31 (+0:21)24BHSBedford High School RC (C)
91WJ18.4-07:32 (+0:22)23BHSBedford High School RC (B)
92WS3.4+07:47 (+0:25)127BEDBedford Rowing Club
93J15.4X+07:5582BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
94N.4+07:56 (+1:17)104UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire
95=WS3.4+07:58 (+0:36)106STAStar Club
95=N.4+07:58 (+1:19)105LEUUniversity of Leicester BC
97MN.4+08:00124BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
98MN.4+08:06 (+0:06)123BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
99VE.4-08:0849STAStar Club
100WJ16.4X08:1126BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
101J15.4+08:13 (+0:47)74BMSBedford Modern School
102WJ15.4X+08:2152BSRABedfordshire Schools Rowing Association
103WN.4+08:39126LEUUniversity of Leicester BC
104WN.4+08:40 (+0:01)54BEDBedford Rowing Club (B)
105WN.4+08:43 (+0:04)27BEDBedford Rowing Club (A)
106WN.4+08:44 (+0:05)53UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (A)
107J14.4X+08:4984BDSBedford School (B)
108WN.4+09:03 (+0:24)110UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire (B)
109WJ15.8X09:0440DAHDame Alice Harpur BC
110J14.4X+09:11 (+0:22)108BDSBedford School (C)
111J14.4X+09:12 (+0:23)109BDSBedford School (D)
112WJ14.8X09:4313DAHDame Alice Harpur BC
113J14.4X+09:50 (+1:01)83BDSBedford School (A)
114WJ15.4X+10:29 (+2:08)51DAHDame Alice Harpur BC