Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 10th April 2016

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Results for University of Kent

7IM3.4+07:03(+00:02)167University of Kent (Hellhammer) 
84=NOV.4+08:09(+00:30)122University of Kent (Burrell) 
126=IM3.2-08:24(+00:18)307University of Kent (Ehlen/Heaton) 
136=NOV.2X08:28(+00:01)191University of Kent (Vinnicombe/Partington) 
192=NOV.4+08:48(+01:09)237University of Kent (Ehlen) 
202=W.NOV.4+08:54(+00:49)127University of Kent (King) 
244IM3.2-09:09(+01:03)148University of Kent (Laws/Jacobsson) 
287W.NOV.4+09:37(+01:32)245University of Kent (Costello) 
307IM3.2-10:02(+01:56)192University of Kent (Lewis/Gohel)