Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 14th April 1996

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Results for Staines BC

2S3.4X06:17403Staines BC
13=E.4+06:35 (+0:08)44Staines BC (B)
24=E.4+06:42 (+0:15)305Staines BC (C)
24=E.4+06:42 (+0:15)179Staines BC (A)
28=S2.4-06:44 (+0:13)243Staines BC
31S1.4-06:46 (+0:25)46Staines BC
32=S3.4+06:47 (+0:19)405Staines BC (A)
57=J18.2X07:01281Staines BC
57=E.4-07:01 (+0:42)178Staines BC
92=S3.4+07:18 (+0:50)406Staines BC (B)
109=S1.2-07:25 (+0:16)141Staines BC
156=S2.4+07:39 (+1:00)185Staines BC (A)
162=S2.4+07:40 (+1:01)49Staines BC (B)
162=S3.4+07:40 (+1:12)313Staines BC (C)
169=J18.1X07:42 (+0:10)88Staines BC (Smith)
193=WS1.4+07:49 (+0:07)409Staines BC
195=J18.1X07:50 (+0:18)89Staines BC (Thirlway)
198=VB.2X07:51 (+0:49)341Staines BC
206=WS3.4+07:53323Staines BC (D)
206=WS1.4-07:53 (+0:20)125Staines BC
221=N.4+08:00 (+0:39)129Staines BC (A)
232=WE.4+08:03 (+0:39)259Staines BC
259=VB.2-08:12 (+0:34)149Staines BC
280=N.1X08:20 (+0:32)424Staines BC (Gillies)
280=WS3.1X08:20100Staines BC (Harris)
287=WS3.4+08:22 (+0:29)269Staines BC (C)
287=WE.1X08:22 (+0:14)294Staines BC (Harris)
297=WS2.4+08:26 (+0:44)448Staines BC
300=WS2.1X08:27 (+0:02)425Staines BC (Harris)
302=WS2.4+08:28 (+0:46)369Staines BC (B)
302=WS2.4+08:28 (+0:46)60Staines BC (A)
324=WN.4+08:38 (+0:34)372Staines BC (C)
326=N.4+08:39 (+1:18)262Staines BC (B)
332=WN.4+08:42 (+0:38)326Staines BC (B)
337=WS3.4+08:44 (+0:51)203Staines BC (A)
353=WS2.1X08:52 (+0:27)96Staines BC (Harrow)
372WS3.4+09:05 (+1:12)204Staines BC (B)
395WN.4+09:42 (+1:38)137Staines BC (A)