Bedford Small Boats Head

Sunday 9th April 1995

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Results for Auriol Kensington

25=S1.4+06:34 (+0:10)33Auriol Kensington (B)
37S1.4+06:39 (+0:15)182Auriol Kensington (C)
50=S2.4+06:48 (+0:17)106Auriol Kensington (A)
55=S1.4+06:50 (+0:26)254Auriol Kensington (B)
55=S1.4+06:50 (+0:26)319Auriol Kensington (D)
83=S1.4+07:03 (+0:39)4Auriol Kensington (A)
124=S3.2X07:14 (+0:09)206Auriol Kensington
128=S3.4+07:15 (+0:37)333Auriol Kensington
140=E.2-07:18 (+0:28)46Auriol Kensington (Gentle/Pike)
144=VA.2-07:19 (+0:15)208Auriol Kensington (Gentle/Pike)
179=S3.4+07:27 (+0:49)393Auriol Kensington (B)
254=J16.2X07:51409Auriol Kensington (Allen)
271=WS3.4+07:56 (+0:32)289Auriol Kensington (C)
281=N.2X07:59 (+0:30)64Auriol Kensington
286=WS3.4+08:00 (+0:36)18Auriol Kensington (A)
286=S3.2X08:00 (+0:55)207Auriol Kensington
290=WS2.4+08:01 (+0:44)408Auriol Kensington
308=WS3.4+08:06 (+0:42)144Auriol Kensington (B)